Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good News, Bad News

I have needed some dental work done for a while, but I was in the process of switching dentists, and after finally getting my initial appointment a while back, I learned it was actually only a consultation. They told me over the phone that it would be a few more weeks after the initial consult before they could actually see me. I thought this meant I was many weeks if not months from being able to get the dental work done. But when I went in today for the initial consult, the dentist did the necessary work right then and there! Good news! I need to go back in a few weeks, but it looks like I'm fixed up for now. As long as everything is good in a few weeks, I'll be all set.

And more good news. . .my doctor ran bloodwork last week, and it came back fine. She also thought I might have a kidney infection, but the urinalysis came back fine, too.

But it can't be all good news. . .my doctor also thinks the digestive issues are no longer due to a bacterial infection, but because the bacterial infection has caused a long-dormant chronic problem to flare up. I have to go see a GI specialist, which is probably going to mean a boatload of icky tests. And I'm still on another two weeks of "just in case" antibiotics. I refuse to make any final decisions until I see the specialist, but it looks like TTC is going to be back on hold indefinitely.

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