Saturday, April 12, 2008

Help a Sister Out

Some fabulous women in the blogosphere have formed a group called U.T.E.R.U.S. to help raise money for other fab women in the blogosphere who are having a tough time funding their ART. The first fundraiser will benefit Cali over at Creating Motherhood, who has frozen embies but no money for transfer, because she's devoting all her time and $$ to caring for her elderly grandmama, who has Alzheimer's. The first fundraiser is an eBay auction. There are some great items up for auction on both the UK and US eBay sites. (Hint: There is a Tiffany necklace currently bidding for a REALLY, REALLY LOW PRICE!!!) Please note that even though one is a UK auction, the items are actually located in the U.S., so even if you don't usually frequent the British eBay site, please do this time. You can also donate directly to Cali on her blog (Creating Motherhood). If you want to check out the auctions, here they are:

US Ebay auction

UK Ebay auction

As for me, I just got fantastic news. . .after several rounds of lab tests, they've figured out that it's a bacteria that is causing me to be sick. I've never been so happy to get a diagnosis! I've been sick for weeks now, and unable to eat much, and I was starting to feel desperate. They're putting me on yet another antibiotic, but I should be better (and back to eating!) within two weeks. I've had some prior health problems and after the initial round of testing, I thought that I was experiencing a relapse. I was starting to give up on being able to TTC this spring at all, so it's a huge relief to know it's a bacteria that's making me feel this way (caused, by the way, from a previous round of antibiotics killing off the "good" bacteria. . .go figure!)

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