Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lend a "Hand"

Somewhere in the blogosphere I learned about a little girl named Emily Mandell. She's around two years old, and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor while her parents were out of town with her, if you can imagine the horror. She's now in Boston receiving treatments. Her family and friends are calling on the power of the internet to let Emily and her parents know how many people are pulling for her. What they're asking for won't cost you a thing: They'd just like you to trace your hand on heavy paper, decorate it, and mail it to California, where a friend will string together all the hands received, and then mail them to Boston to be hung in Emily's hospital room. How cool would it be if she received HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of hands, from people the family doesn't even know? I love the power of the internet to bring support, joy and hope to strangers. I'm already planning how I'm going to decorate my hand. You can learn more about Emily over at Carepages. She's listed as "Emily12806."

Here's the info:

Ok, and we have another little project that we’d like to get everyone’s help on. We want to let Emily know how many people out there are thinking of her and wanting to wrap their arms around her in a big hug! If you’d like to participate, trace your hand on a piece of paper (preferably something a little bit thicker than your printer paper), and cut it out. Then decorate it however you would like and write your best wishes, thoughts and prayers to little Emily and her family. Then, send them to: Kelin Dotts 5010 Hill Street La Canada, California 91011 She will punch holes in them and string them all together so that Katie and Brian can hang them around her room. This will be a visual reminder of how many of us are praying for & embracing little Emily. We would like to be able to work on this and get them mailed to the Mandell family within the next couple of weeks so please spread the word and get your hand mailed out as soon as possible! Also, if you have more than one hand, it would be great if you could string them together before sending them to Kelin. Save her a little time ;)! Thanks so much to everyone. We are so happy to be able to show Emily how many people love and care for her and know that she is going to beat this!!

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