Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Waiting sucks even more. . .

I've been assuming that we will be back TTC in May. But you all know what happens when we ASSume!

I've been back on antibiotics for this stupid digestive thing for almost two weeks. The universe clearly hates me, because I am still not better. I talked to my regular doctor today, and she wants to see me again. She is talking two MORE weeks of antibiotics, and maybe a specialist appointment. Can I not catch a break??? While I would like to have a normally functioning digestive tract again, I would also like to make a baby, please. Is that too much to ask???

I likely won't ovulate for three more weeks, anyway, so if I respond to the antibiotics over the next two weeks, I suppose it's theoretically possible that I won't be out this next cycle. Yeah, right.


JamieD said...

Maybe by the time your OB-GYN appointment rolls around, you will have your digestive thing cleared up. Then all systems will be go!!

I need to have a root canal re-done, but just don't want to put off TTC for a month. I know that it would feel better to just have it done and over with but I don't want to take a month off because I am afraid that THIS will be the month. Crazy TTC logic.

Manda said...

If it wasn't for that damn business about absorbing nutrients, you could theoretically TTC right now... But no use trying if you can't manage to feed the kid. Soon, my dear. Soon. You WILL get pregnant again and you WILL bring home a baby. Manda has decided, and so it shall be.