Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am NEVER home from work early, particularly since I commute. But after a morning meeting near my house and a lengthy stint at the DMV (replacing my driver's license that dear T. accidentally threw out), I decided there was no point in driving to the office at that late hour, and I'd work from home.

Delightfully, T. Arrived home a short time ago, only to inform me that his mother (who lives 1.5 hours away) just happens to be in the neighborhood, and is stopping by for a surprise visit.

I had intended to simply avoid her until we were ready to tell her. If she brings things up, I'm not going to be able to behave.


~Jess said...

Good luck with that!

I'm glad that no one drops in for a surprise visit.

JamieD said...

Bad, bad surprise. Good luck!!

sassy said...

I guess I missed the post about your MIL - where is it? Anyway, I can imagine... so really, good luck with her visit.