Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Plan, Stan

I had an interesting visit with the doctor yesterday.

I had the last appointment of the day, but she was running right on time. Doctors visits that I have experienced here have been distinctly different from the U.S.. The doctor came to the reception area herself and greeted me. She is maybe ten years older than I am, and was very cool. She took me into her office, which had the setup I've come to expect: there is an examining table, AND the doctor's desk, chairs, etc. We sat down and chatted for maybe 20 or 30 minutes about my history. It was mostly a good discussion, except for the part where she seemed a little discouraging about having a second child at all (she questioned why I wanted a second child, and said she was "still traumatized" by her children's toddlerhood--but, she and her husband are both doctors, so it was chaotic). I thought that was a little. . .odd. But, whatever. She did the usual exam, in the same office (no stirrups, which struck me as unusual), and also did an ultrasound to check my lining and ovaries. She had a little tiny laptop-like setup right there, which was kind of cool. Then I got dressed, and we talked for a while longer.

She said that everything looks really good, and that my system is clearly finally responding hormonally. She said I got a really slow start post-breastfeeding, but she's happy that everything is working now. We talked a lot about Clo.mid, and whether I should use it. She didn't really have any concerns about using it at my age. She said it affects everyone differently, in terms of how it works and what its effect is on the lining. And, I did get pregnant both times I used it before (although, one of those pregnancies didn't stick). After doing the full exam, she said that she was fine with either prescribing it, or waiting and seeing how things went. She thought both were reasonable options. We also talked about my timeframe, and how we'll be moving again during the fall of 2012, likely to a place with a less robust medical system. In light of that, she recommended using the Clo.mid now, to "regulate" things and really get things going. She gave me a prescription for 6 MONTHS of the stuff (!!), for use on days 2-6, although I used it on days 5-9 in the past. She said that there are different protocols for how to use it, which I was aware of, and she believes in prescribing it for 2-6. I'm fine with that. She also said that they usually do a scan around CD12, to make sure that you aren't producing too many eggs. Unfortunately (well, not really!), we're headed out on vacation next week, and won't be around on CD12. She said that was fine. And, $700 later, I was on my way. (I have to pay up front, and then try to get reimbursed by my insurance company.) I feel like I got my money's worth, though, as that covered the visit, the ultrasound, and the cost of the pap smear analysis--plus, I was there with her for about an hour.

Then this morning, I got my period. I can't believe the timing. That means Clo.mid starts. . .tomorrow!

So all in all, I feel really good about things. I found a doctor I really like, I have answers, and a plan. When I met up with T. and Miss M. after my appointment, he also was really relieved to have a plan. He's anxious to have a second child, and glad to just have a timeframe and a plan finally in place.

I must say, though, that I am suddenly having a little anxiety about twins. Clo.mid increases the possibility to 5-10%. If it had happened the first time, I would have been perfectly happy with that (although, no doubt been a nervous freak about carrying a twin pregnancy, given the increased risks). Now that we have Miss M. (and know what we're in for by adding a single baby), the idea of twins freaks me out a little. At the same time, we would obviously be thrilled, particularly T. So much joy! We are also in the enviable position of being able to have him stay home with the kids, and we will likely be able to afford to hire an extra pair of hands. But still. . .that's a lot of chaos on so many levels.

Now I have to deal with one of the odd issues that only comes up when you are trying to create a baby. . .we're taking my step-sister on vacation with us, as her graduation gift. We are really excited to see her, and to be able to share this incredible adventure with her. She has her own room for most of the trip, but for our very last night, we were just going to grab a triple, because we've had trouble finding a place that has two rooms at a reasonable price. But, now that my period has arrived, the last night of our vacation is CD15, which means we kind of need our own room. But, not such a bad "problem" to have!


Serendipity said...

glad your appt went well, I love efficient doctors, makes such a world of difference. I was on 2-6 closed protocol and although it didn't work for me (I'm non-responsive to clomid) my Dr did say that he used to do the 5-9 but that he believed the 2-6 to work better. I know people who've been on 1-5 and 3-7 so I guess it totally depends on the Dr.

Thinking of you, hope all goes well.

Darla said...

I am so happy to hear that your apt went so well!! Good luck with it all and I'm happy that she gave you 6 month rz without hassle!!

Heather said...

Good luck!!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Don't worry about twins. The beginning is really rough, but once you get past the first year, it's pretty cool.