Friday, June 24, 2011

Waiting on the Future

As I walked down the hall today at work, I marveled at how relaxed I am about TTC this time around. It is so much less stressful for me than TTC#1. I can honestly say that I am okay with whatever happens from here. If Miss M is our only child, then so be it. If we are lucky enough to have it work out again and we get pregnant and are able to have another child, even better. T is hoping and talking incessantly about twins, which is making me a little crazy, but even that would be joyous, although a bit stressful. Triplets? Let's not even go there (I'll live vicariously through Sassy Mama, thank you very much!)

I think I'll test on Monday or Tuesday, unless I can find one of those discount stores that sells cheapo pregnancy tests for $1 each. I know I've seen the stores around here at some point. . .I just can't remember where. Pregnancy tests are terribly expensive, but I have 3 left from last time (1 FRER, which I consider to be the best test out there for early testing, and 2 digitals, which I bought only to see the word "pregnant" pop up). If I can find cheapos, I'll definitely test on Sunday, because as relaxed as I am, I still enjoy a good science experiment!

As we wait to see if we are pregnant, we are also contemplating my next career move. My contract here is up in about a year, and we're in the process of deciding what we'll do next. We definitely want to stay abroad; it's really a question of where I want to work and what I want to do. It's unlikely we'll stay in Europe, though, so it involves all sorts of interesting discussions about just what we are willing to tolerate, and what is a dealbreaker. The pregnancy stuff plays in, too, as it will become much more complicated job-wise if we don't get pregnant in the next few months.

So, lots going on, amidst all of the usual day-to-day stuff.


Heather said...

Lots of luck this cycle. I'll be very interested to see where your work takes you in your future. Have a great weekend!

C said...

That is a lot to think about, big decisions to make. Wishing you a BFP when you test!!!

Eb said...

Oh man, such a tease - are you a spy or something!!

Good luck with your test, fingers crossed. Its great that you're so relaxed about the whole thing.

Michelle and Gary said...

Visiting from ICLW

Hope you get great news tomorrow!! The pictures from your trip to Italy are beautiful and I imagine how gorgeous it was in person!

Lots of luck!!

ICLW #49