Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Update--36 Weeks

So, I've been having loads of contractions--maybe 5-6 an hour. They don't hurt, there's no pattern, they're all in my belly, and there is nothing else going on anywhere else. But I've never had this many (it's been going on for a couple of days), and it's kind of freaky. I talked to the doctor yesterday, and absent any other symptoms, she's not worried, although she did tell me to take it easy this weekend. I've been a good girl and have been sitting on my couch all morning.

The couch time has allowed me to finish researching preschools and make some decisions, as Miss M ran around the living room creating utter chaos with her (many, many) toys. Spanish immersion is definitely out. I just couldn't find an option that would work. My first choice school is either a 2 or 3 day half-day program at a cooperative. The price is reasonable (for a big Northeastern city) at about $400 a month for the 3 day, and slightly less for the two day. My second choice is a Montessori that has a four half-day program. It's a big jump up in price at $700 a month, but that's much more in line with preschool costs in the city we're moving to (gulp!). My third choice is also a Montessori, which has a 5 day a week half day program. It's about $800 a month. Overall, I feel like two or three days are sufficient, given that we have two more years of preschool after this one. I could only find one program in the neighborhood we'll be living in. I didn't want a religious preschool, and I didn't want a daycare, so that knocked out a lot of programs. I also didn't want full time, so that knocked out other programs.

I was pretty set on just applying to the one program that offers 2 or 3 half-days and seeing what happens, but a friend made the point that Miss M will likely thrive in a 4 or 5 half day setting. I'm still not entirely convinced, but given the waitlist situation (ie, all preschools have waitlists already for next fall), I decided that we might as well apply to the three schools that fit my criteria, and then see what happens. If she gets into none of them, we'll be fine with that. If she gets into any one of them, we can inspect them and go from there.

So anyway, long story short, we have a preschool plan. I mailed one application yesterday, and will be wading through the application process for the other two in coming days. It is something of a relief to have a plan.

Next up, I need to figure out the car situation. It's amazing how much easier it is to move forward with decisions once you have one sorted out. I struggled over preschool so much, but now that we have a decision, I feel like it's freed me up to move forward on more complicated decisions.

If only I didn't keep having these contractions. . .

Edited to Add: My weight is 146.6. That's a little over two pounds this last week. I guess I can cut back a bit on the extra snacks (healthy ones!) I've been eating to try to gain weight!

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~Jess said...

When I'm in a decision making mood, watch out! Glad you were able to get one decision off your plate.

Hoping your resting is able to stave off the contractions a bit longer.