Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunny Sunday

It is a gloriously warm, sunny spring day here (even thought it's really not spring yet). My daffodils are up, and the camellia bushes are in bloom. It's one of those perfect days that's meant for long walks outside. . .if only I weren't trying to avoid going into labor in the next 24 hours.

I had my second truly uncomfortable night in a row last night. I don't know what position the baby has managed to get herself into now, but it's really not comfortable for me. It's the most uncomfortable I've been my entire pregnancy. There is some part (a head? a bum?) literally protruding over my ribs and almost touching my breast on the right side, then some other hard, round part diagonally opposite on the left, kind of directly across from my belly button. I don't think either are feet, though. I'm feeling lots of hand/feet movement down toward my hoo-ha, which is exactly the wrong place for feet to be at this point. And my lower back continues to ache.

I couldn't stand staying inside for one more minute, so I just walked around the corner to the pharmacy and veggie stand. I bought big bunches of daffodils. Such happy flowers. I swung through the bookstore, too, to give baby name books one more eyeball, but lower abdominal cramping sent me scurrying home. Now I'm sitting on the couch with contractions. I guess even a short walk was a bit more than I should have attempted. Hmmm. . .how I am going to make blueberry banana muffins and the casserole I just picked up ingredients for??!

Even though I was looking at baby name books (which were oddly positioned next to college selection books. . .um, really?), we really are set on names, I think. We have two names chosen for her first name, and we've decided we will name her once she's born. For her middle name, I really wanted to do the same thing we did for Miss M: my last name. T. was opposed to this for the longest time, but apparently he and my mother had some sort of conversation about it, and my mother (who never gets involved in things) somehow got him to agree! I hadn't even told my mother we were having that discussion (we keep names to ourselves until the baby is born), so I'm not sure how he ended up having that discussion, or what made him change his mind. I'm happy about that--now both girls will have a little piece of me in their names.

I really want to take Miss M to the park later. Friends sent us one of those tricycles with a push handle behind it, and it's pretty awesome. It has a seat belt and a basket where you can put stuff (like a ball to take to the park). The park is right around the corner, but I wonder if I should risk the walking. I probably will. It's such a nice day out. And it's really just like 18 more hours I have to make it before my doctor returns. In fact, I have an appointment scheduled with her for tomorrow morning. It's going to be interesting to see where this baby has moved to now.

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~Jess said...

I hope you managed to make it the 18 hours! I love those kind of days...when you just HAVE to get out and enjoy it!