Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In an attempt to turn the girl around, I scheduled a moxibustion appointment for tomorrow afternoon. There are studies that say it works, so why not, I thought?

As it turns out, my mother has some ideas on why not. Specifically, she is worried that the cord is wrapped around the baby's neck, and the baby won't turn because of this. To be fair, both my maternal grandmother and my mother's oldest sister lost full-term babies to cord issues, so my mother is particularly sensitive to this issue. On the other hand, um, thanks, mom. I really needed one more thing to worry about. I pointed out to her that the baby has already been head down once before, so this is likely NOT the problem. But you know mothers. . .they get inside your head. Of course, this same mother of mine has also suggested that a vaginal delivery of a transverse baby sounds dangerous to her. . .after I explained that c-sections are the only option for transverse babies. Argh. I know she means to be helpful, but this particular string of emails wasn't very helpful.

I have no idea how to judge a "good" acupuncture clinic from a bad one. Although I think there's something to it, possibly, I'm not way into alternative medicine. Given the time constraints, I didn't exactly have time to do a lot of research, either. My due date is 17 days from today! And I went 4 days early with Miss M! I called one place (the woman is also a doula, so I felt good about her), and the woman is out of town. I called a second place (a place with a fancy address and a pile of staff who have very impressive pedigrees), and they had someone available tomorrow afternoon. So, I went with that one. The guy who will be doing it graduated from a 5 year Chinese medical program and has written actual research papers on using so-called Eastern medicine to complement western medicine. Hopefully, that makes him qualified to burn some herbs near my toes.

Given that I am prone to paranoia, I am partially afraid that doing this will make me go into labor instantly. I know, I am crazy. I don't even believe in it entirely, yet I'm afraid at the same time it will have unintended consequences.

I laid on my left side for most of the night last night, until I could not longer stand the discomfort in my bones, and then switched to the right a few times. She appears to still be in the same place, though. Oh, and I did an inversion, but had a hard time getting a good stretch going. I'm definitely out of space. This is stressing me out.

Among other things, of course (ie, work, and all of the crap that is going on there--it is seriously driving me crazy). The end of my first pregnancy was decidedly placid compared to all I have going on right now. Given that I was living at my MIL's house back then, 1.5 hours from my doctor and hospital, and in the middle of renovating my house at that point, that's really saying something.


Michele said...

Have you looked into a Chiropractor who practices the Webster Method? They often turn breech babies, and may be able to help with a transverse one as well.

Heather said...

I'm thinking good heads-down thoughts for you.