Saturday, April 11, 2015

Goodish and Great

First, the goodish:  we THINK T will get offered the job.  They basically told him that he had the job, without actually offering it to him.  They said it will be a few weeks before they let him know.  It's a bit frustrating that they didn't make him an offer on the spot, but they apparently have to work through some bureaucracy and can't do that.  So, I'm continuing to cross my fingers and hope, wish, and pray that he gets it.  He is really excited about the job, and it's a really good fit with his experience.

And now the great:  SB is potty trained.  Like, completely potty trained.  We had two days of accidents and then. . .she totally and completely got it.  She's been going to school in underwear and has not had one accident.  She still sleeps in pull-ups, because I'm less sure about that part, but she has been waking up dry all of a sudden (which was not happening a week ago--she was waking up soaked every morning).  She is super proud of herself, and we are super proud of her.

We also have a departure date from this country, and are counting down the days.  We decided to make a stopover in Florida for a week on our way back.  As much as we can't wait to visit with our families, family visits are also distinctly different from vacation, and T and I both really want some family vacation time with the kids.  So, we booked a condo at the same resort we stayed at last year.  We are going to just do one day of Disney this time, and then spend most of our time doing crafts at the complex and playing in the awesome pools there and basically just hanging out.  And maybe drive to the beach for a day.

To be honest, we hemmed and hawed about whether we should take this vacation.  It's a time of transition, as we move back to the U.S., and there is already so much going on.  And every time you move, you invariably spend a pile of cash, and it seems imprudent to spend money on vacation at a time when we are spending cash on a thousand other things.  But on the other hand, when you are flying back to the northeast from Latin America, it's generally most convenient to connect in Florida, and we discovered that it wouldn't cost us anything extra to stop over for a few days, so it was really just the price of the condo, which was fairly reasonable.  And, we haven't had a vacation since last year.  And, if T gets this job, it will be a while before we take some time off, because both of us will be starting in new jobs and we'll both be getting settled.  And in the end, it was too appealing to pass up.

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Lollipop Goldstein said...

Crossing fingers that he gets the job. And congratulations on the potty training!