Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Projects and Potty Training and Job Offer, Oh My!

I finished one project today, and I have another one that I absolutely have to finish tonight.  I'm writing something, and I only have a page to do it in, but I must touch upon a million points and make really good use of the space I have, and it's incredibly complicated.  But I can do that, right?  It's just a page!  I'm exhausted from not sleeping from worrying so much, though, which isn't ideal headspace for writing something that requires high focus.  Ugh.  But I really HAVE to finish it tonight.

It definitely made me de-stress to get one project out of the way.  And, we got some more good, good news yesterday:  T indeed got the job offer he was hoping for.  The salary was not quite as good as I was hoping (he is not surprised by the offer, so he is happier than I am).  He is currently negotiating for a slightly higher salary--fingers crossed that they hear what he is saying and agree that he is worth a bit more.  He'd like about 15% more than they are offering, so it is not an unsubstantial amount of money.   He has worked in his field for literally decades, so he is definitely worth every penny.  But, he also hasn't worked in 5 years, so I totally get why they would offer him less.  Regardless of the salary, it's a great job and it's in his field, so he is really very excited, and I am so very happy to see him happy.

SB continues to make good progress on potty training.  She has not had a single accident at school, and hasn't been having accidents at home, either.  Well, except for yesterday, when she fell asleep on the sofa while wearing underwear, and peed in her sleep.  She apologized to me when I got home from work, which I thought was both sad and sweet.  Poor kid--she was so bummed about it.  But as I told her, accidents happen.  And pee washes out of upholstery. . .mostly.

Okay, enough procrastinating, and back to my project.

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