Monday, May 16, 2011

In Style

I caught sight of myself in a department store mirror today at lunchtime. Good lord, I am in desperate need of a makeover. My skin is pale and washed out. My hair is too long and shapeless. My clothes all seem to be too big or too small, and I have these very definite piles of "work clothes" and "play clothes," rather than some overarching sense of style. Frankly, at my age I think a woman should have style. Yet, here I sit in a tshirt and yoga pants, and my weekend wear doesn't stray far from this.

I would love to hire a professional stylist to shop for me and show me how to put everything together. Polaroids for my closet would be nice. I like to look good, but I don't like for it to be any effort, and it feels like such an effort, in the midst of everything else. Of course, I can't afford to hire a professional stylist.

The baby dropped my favorite eyeshadow and smashed it, I smashed my blush, and in a moment of supreme grace managed to drop my mascara in the toilet. It is so clearly time to start over.

Where do you start, when you need new hair and new makeup and new clothes (or at least, a healthy infusion of fresh pieces) and a style makeover? Sigh. And if I can't find a doctor I like, how will I ever find someone to cut my hair?

PS CD18 and no sign of ovulation. Double sigh.


Eb 40+ said...

oh oh sounds like fun. I guess instyle magazine is a good place to start??

Whatever you do, please post about it. I am in the same boat!!

Heather said...

Take it one step at a time. On finding a hairdresser - ask people who have hair you like who does theirs. But I do hate finding a new hairdresser so good luck with that.

On style - I'm really liking White House Black Market these days. I do also like some Banana Republic clothes too. But I still like to have my days of yoga pants and t-shirts. I'm just making sure they are v-neck t-shirts to make sure I like the way it looks up top (I'm really small there). The t-shirts are from Abercrombie and Fitch. I can't wear everything from there, but the t-shirts are fab.

BTW, I went through all this recently. The hair I've been happy with, but I had issues with clothes and style after years of neglect while trying to make babies. It can't all happen at once, but try to find things you like, stock up and get rid of the things you don't like.

Manda said...

I can't help with a ton of this, but as far as new make up goes, you can't go wrong with Sephora. I'm not sure what availability is like where you are, but you can at least use it to get an idea of what's trending right now.

The first step is making your skin infinitely happy. Read up on the oil cleansing method (don't trust your intuition on this one - just try it) and if your skin isn't dewy and more magnificent in a week, I'll send you a puppy. Also, it's like a mini spa treatment at home, only it's way cheap and relatively quick.

I've been using witch hazel as a toner after cleansing. AMAZING results. Pores are smaller and more refined, I'm not as oily as before, and my skin just feels softer.

A good moisturizer is something you can't live without. I have zero recommendations because right now I have pregnancy skin. Almost every moisturizer makes my skin feel oily. Hope In A Jar is excellent (, but right now I'm using Aveeno's daily moisturizer.

Find makeup that makes your skin feel good. I'm in love with Bare Minerals. My skin looks better since I've started using it. It's super light, easy to apply, and it has good staying power. Plus, it's all natural, so you know exactly what's going on your face.

Darla said...

My new current makeup love is BareMinerals. I practically wear it daily and literally up and prior to our trip home in April I loathed makeup and wore it less than sparingly.
As far as the hair stylists I'd look at resources simlar to your rentals. Look at local forums online an dif they have it the only yard sale sights for the local Americans? I too had a hard time finding good hair stylists here.
Styles ... orh I'm not sure where to begin. Somewhoe I hit 30 and have been really trying hard to weed my mess of many old stretched out t's and overly stretched out/dried too many times shrunk clothes down to staples to layer. I've been looking at different style sights and blogs. I personally love's taste.