Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making Changes

While I was in the bookstore searching for a new book that the latest issue of InStyle claims is THE style guide, I discovered a section called "tragic life stories." You know, "fiction," "home decorating," "tragic life stories." I'm not kidding. It was full of books that had pictures of angelic looking children on the covers, and the books were all essentially about how they died. There were many, many dozens of titles on the shelves. WTF??! I was completely horrified. And I didn't find the style book, either.

I was searching for the book because Operation Self-Renovation is well underway. Well, I spent a day shopping, which is practically the same thing. Thank goodness Miss M is a delightful little shopper. I browsed magazines, I searched the stores, and I have ideas for a few new purchases (which I haven't committed to yet. . .I wanted to get an overview first of just how dreadful my current wardrobe is--it's not too bad, actually). I'm in need of some new shoes, some new belts, and some new weekend clothes.

Although I didn't actually commit to any clothes this weekend, I bought new lipstick. Two, in fact, both of them perfect shades, one neutral and one very, very red. I heart them. They are a local drugstore brand, but creamy and moisturizing with just the right amount of color in them. I scored a very good new mascara, too. I've never become married to a mascara brand, so I try a new one every time. This one seems like it might be a keeper, but I need a few more days in it. My lashes look great, but I'm also all about the staying power when it comes to mascara. I'm not sure what I do to it, but I manage to end up with half of it under my eyes halfway through the day, if it's not the "right" kind. It's like my eyelashes sweat.

Here's what I have discovered so far, during my mission: style-wise, the universe seems to have fallen into the realm of 1984-1990. I am a serious saver. If I MIGHT need it someday, I pack it neatly away to a location I am sure to never remember. I have saved all of my clothes (unless worn out) for YEARS. But, before I moved here, I cleared away all of my outdated fashion items, from cutoff jean shorts to palazzo pants, because they were so. . .1984-1990. And now everywhere I turn, gah. . .cutoff jeans and palazzo pants. I just read a magazine article oohing and ahhing over Rachel Bilson in a hideous floral dress and a black blazer. It was like Laura Ashley plus Armani. . .awful. Everywhere I turn, this is what I find. I think my utter lack of style might be preferable. But, I'm still shopping.

As for my hair, I don't think I'm so far off. It's really long right now--maybe 6 inches or so past my shoulders, and wavy. I'm probably just going to cut a couple of inches off the bottom. I'm thinking about some long bangs that I can sweep to one side, but I'm on the fence about those. I haven't had bangs since high school. Once I realized what a pain it was to grow them out again, I never wanted to risk bangs. But it's just hair, and I'm toying with the idea.

I didn't make any major makeup purchases this weekend, because it was more than I was up for. The makeup counters were mobbed, and I just wasn't in the mood (other than lipstick and mascara, which were easy purchases). Eye shadow and foundationy products always confuse me. I need a lot of help with finding the right shade.

In other news, I still haven't ovulated, and I'm on CD24 or something horrid like that. I still haven't picked a doctor. I might just go with my gut. It's just one appointment, at this point, and I might as well test drive the doctor at a time when it won't matter if we don't connect. I have a crazy week coming up at work (more successful people, more famous people, oh joy!), so it will be next week before I can find time for an appointment (assuming I can even get one that quickly--my old practice was booked waaaay in advance). And right now, I'm falling asleep over the keys, so it's off to bed for me.


Lyrehca said...

Hi--coming by months later to thank you for commenting on my Creme de la Creme post. Good luck with everything. All best, Lyrehca

Heather said...

I know what you mean about mascara sweat. I use Cover Girl waterproof and it works great. And new lipstick can make you feel so fresh.

Yes, fashion is going back to the 80s, but it still has a modern twist, so it's never exactly the same. I love the approach you took of cleaning out the closet and seeing what you have and what you need. That's usually what I would do. I try to do that twice a year, but it's usually just once a year. I say stick to things that don't look too trendy. I love basics and classic styles, because they can be used for a long time. I tease my 10-year-old daughter I have some clothes older than her.

Rosie said...

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comment on my desperate post a couple of weeks ago. It helped!
And Oy Vey about the "Tragic Life Stories" section. I can't imagine my whole life being defined forever as tragic, by one experience. It would be such a heavy burden.
BTW, a good haircut makes all the difference for me.. a discovery I made late in life, but now I channel many of my beauty $$$ in that direction, and it's worth it. A good lipstick helps too. I never bother with foundation.
Thank you again!