Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Thoughts on Number Two

I was reading this post yesterday about another blogger's thoughts on having a second child. She complied a list of all the reasons why she won't consider another biological child, and on it she put "I never want to even create the chance to experience pregnancy loss again."

When I read that, I realized that I am in a place where I not only am willing to take that risk, but I sort of expect that will be a part of this journey ahead of me. After all, I'm two years older than last time, and well, that didn't go so smoothly. It was interesting, though, to realize that I've so internalized that risk, that until I read that, I wasn't even consciously aware of accepting that risk as part of the potential path ahead of me.

The other thing her post brought home for me is how good I have things. I mean, I do KNOW that, but sometimes it's easy to get busy with life and overlook how incredibly good our lives are. I am blessed not only with a wonderful, loving husband, but a wonderful, loving husband who is psyched to stay at home with the kids while I go to work and indulge myself by nurturing my brain. He is ready, willing and able to stay home with a second child. We can afford to do this. He is really great at it, too. He's been completely managing the household--he cooks all of the meals, does all of the cleaning, does the grocery shopping and other errands. He is awesome. We also live in a great place, and have room for another child. We are really, really blessed. If ever there was a perfect time in our lives to have a second child, it is now.

As I go through my day with Miss M, I have started to imagine what it will be like to have two children. I try to imagine meeting the needs of two, and the sibling rivalry. I am still a little scared of making it all work, truthfully. But I am also really excited about having those family bonds. I can see them, feel them, and I so look forward to expanding our family, even despite the anticipated chaos.


Serendipity said...

They say that you just know when you're done, that you feel when your family is complete. I'm with you, there are acceptable risks to this journey and the reward far outweighs them to me right now.

~Jess said...

Sounds like you guys are ready to move forward....I agree with the gains outweigh the risks.

Heather said...

As you seem to know, everyone is in a different place. I was in the place you were before we had our twins. And I think if you going in knowing your blessed and just looking for that extra bonus to add to your blessed life, it's a good attitude to have. That said, I will say that our daughter hasn't shown much jealousy of her little brothers these past two years and the boys, while busy and we're older LOL, they are awesome to have and we are truly blessed.

Wishing you lots of luck on your journey to add to your family.