Sunday, May 29, 2011

Patience or Action?

My original plan had been to finish nursing, wait to get my period, see new OB/GYN for annual exam and discussion about TTC#2, and then TTC#2. Only, it took longer to get my period than I thought it would after we stopped nursing, and I ovulated really late once my period finally started again (ie, CD-26-ish). Now I'm wondering if I should still stick with the original plan. I'm worried that the doctor will recommend a wait-and-see approach to my cycle. Maybe not, but I'm worried about it. My old RE was very clear that ovulation that late means poor egg quality. Dr. Google, however, has just found another RE who states for all the internet to see that EARLY ovulation means failing ovarian reserve, and delayed means good ovarian reserve and does not relate to egg quality at all. Hrmmm. . . It's a little maddening.

I found a fertility clinic here in my city which I could go to, for a more definitive answer. They'd do a fertility workup for a relatively small amount of money. That might not be necessary, at this point, but at least it would give me some peace of mind about hormone levels (or, not). I'd probably have to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed (oh, the joys of American health insurance in a foreign land), but it's doable out of pocket, and my insurance would likely reimburse. I feel a little silly about that, though, like I'm jumping the gun.

I could see the OB/GYN first and see what she says about late ovulation and Clo.mid, but that means I lose another cycle. At least theoretically, I should get my period this week. I think I could get in and get the fertility testing done at the beginning of this cycle, but there's no way to get in and see the OB/GYN AND get the fertility testing done. There isn't time. It's a little crazy-making--I wish I'd anticipated this. I just though things would be different this time. I'm starting at a healthier weight, I've been taking good care of myself. It's supposed to be different! Except, I'm also two years older. And yet, I'm still really optimistic about all of this. I have no idea why.

I hate this part, the part where you don't know what's going on and you don't yet have a doctor or a plan. I know it will get squared away, and soon. But until then, I'm second-guessing myself every two minutes. Right this minute, I think I will probably see the OB/GYN first, and go from there. But five minutes from now, who knows?


Serendipity said...

While I advocate action, or at least checking things out. I'm 30 and was barely 28 when I conceived D - I ovulated on CD40, my egg quality was good enough that the only time I ovulated in years is now a 16 month old tearaway. Variant reserve is good here too... not sure how that helps you but as far as I can see, late ovulation isn't a huge problem.

From what I've read, post pregnancy things generally take a couple of cycles to find a new balance but I'm sure any OB will take the other factors into consideration when recommending a course of action, and if not you can always insist a more aggressive approach or go to the fertility clinic.

Serendipity said...

Oh pfft variant reserve = ovarian reserve. The autocorrect on this phone drives me betty!

Heather said...

Good luck! I really feel for you. It took us a really long time to add to our family and it was all my hormone levels and endometriosis scarring. Hang in there.

~Jess said...

I hate being in that black hole of the unknown....I hope, for your own sanity, your able to figure all of these things out soon and have answers and a plan *hugs*