Friday, March 2, 2012

Some More Good News

After the version on Tuesday, the doctor wanted to see us today to see how things were going. I will be 39 weeks tomorrow, but this was more of a check in appointment. My urine was clear today (oddly, no blood like on Monday). I've gained more than a pound since Monday, but whatever. But the really good news? The baby is indeed still head down, and low enough that the doctor doesn't think she'll move again. Her back has also come around and is in a good position. In fact, the doctor called her position today "perfect." I was so happy to hear that!!!

I was so worried, because I have hard parts on both sides of my abdomen when I have contractions. But, one is a bum (she's shifted around from one side to the other, so I wasn't completely going crazy), and the other side is her feet or knees. She must be pressing hard during contractions--that's what I was feeling and thought was her head.

Speaking of contractions, I'm having loads. They wake me up at night a ton. They happen all day. I am having so many more than I had with Miss M. The doctor said that it might be my uterus trying to make up for the time it lost when she wasn't in the right position.

The doctor also thinks I am some time away from going into labor. My cervix is slightly shortened (I think she said it's still 2 cm long), and I am maybe a fingertip dilated. So, I will probably walk loads this weekend, which is what I did with Miss M. Only, my stomach and back muscles seem to be taking it harder this time, so we'll see what I can tolerate!

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~Jess said...

I'm so glad that she's down and staying down! Hoping she's here soon!