Thursday, March 1, 2012


I played hooky from work today. I wasn't going to. I showered, got dressed and ready, said goodbye to Miss M and T, and even put my shoes on. But I just didn't feel right--lots of contractions all morning, and lower abdominal cramps. So just when I was about to leave, I decided I was being ridiculous in going to work, and I emailed and said I wouldn't be in.

Of course, after I did that, the cramping went away and the contractions stopped. Now I feel like I wasted a day of my maternity leave. Miss M and T and I went to the park (twice), took a walk, and had breakfast in a cafe, so the day wasn't a total loss. I thought maybe the walking would move things along and increase the contractions, but no such luck. We just got back, and I feel just fine. I guess I'll do some work now (Miss M is napping), and maybe take a long walk later today.

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~Jess said...

You still needed the day off....take it easy. Enjoy the time!