Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Here Waiting

When I showed up for work this morning, people wanted to know what I was doing there, and truthfully, so did I. But I felt great, and there was nothing going on this morning--not even any Braxton-Hicks. So, off I went. I have a limited amount of maternity leave, and to me it doesn't make sense to spend it at home when I am feeling as good as I am. I mean, I'd love to hang out with T and Miss M for a while before the baby comes, but I think we're going to need that family time together after the baby comes, and I can't have it both ways with jut limited time off.

I took a long walking/shopping break at lunchtime. My office is perfectly placed for some really great shopping--crazy high end designers and affordable stuff, too. I was gone for almost two hours (oops!). I found a really cute sleeper that is decidedly local in nature (and reasonably priced), and finally found the type of blanket I've been looking for (also reasonably priced), which I like to use to rest the baby on while nursing. Miss M has a similar blanket, and sleeps with it every night now. Since we've bought so little for this baby, I really, really wanted to get a couple of things. Plus, the outfit I bought today should coordinate nicely with the outfit I've packed in my hospital bag for me to wear home. Gotta think about those going-home-from-the-hospital photos!

Since I was still around work today, I also went to a wedding celebration for a friend of mine that I work with, which I thought I'd miss out on. It was nice to be able to be there to help the happy couple celebrate. She had a fabulous dress made for the wedding, and everyone was in high spirits, which was really nice.

I've been having lots of contractions tonight, but just more B-H. I'm off to bed now. My official due date's on Friday. Tomorrow is the day I thought I'd have this baby. According to my own calculations, my due date should be on Saturday. I had Miss M four days before my due date, after doing lots of walking for three days before I had her. Tomorrow will be four days before my due date (at least, the one I calculated), and I've just done three days of long walks. Symmetry calls for my water to break at around 6am tomorrow morning.

I've been thinking that it will be weird if my water doesn't break this time. I really struggled to get the contractions going after my water broke last time, so I don't know what to expect if the contractions actually come first.


Rebeccah said...

I just saw your post about baby being head-down still -- hooray! You're so close now : )

~Jess said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you! Sounds like you got some great shopping done!