Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still Resolutely Ignoring Everthing

Nothing new on the health front. . .still waiting.

This week I was unfortunately reminded of how breathtakingly horrid some people can be. Unethical, immoral, unscrupulous, dreadful, awful, corrupt. . .Part of me wants to use every last ounce of strength that I have to fight back and to show the world this person for who she really is. But, most of me just wants to shrug, believe in karma, and let the universe take care of the situation in due time. I have had enough of wasting my efforts and precoius time on unhappy, toxic people, particularly when they have appeared in my life as at best incidental players.

This morning, I am off to purchase a new laser printer and some paper. I need a new laser printer because something went amiss with my present laser printer after a staple accidentally made its way into it, and I cannot find anyone in my area who will fix it. I need the paper so that I can print my resume and cover letter. It's hard to imagine, but I need to send them to a prospective employer who in this day and age only accepts real mail. The best news: the job is thousands of miles away from my current snowy home, in a warm and happy place that I've visited numerous times on vacation, and love, and thousands of miles away from the evil that inhabits part of my current life. Some might think that I am running away, but in reality, I am simply responding to finally being free.

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JamieD said...

It sounds like a wonderful decision and you sound very at peace with it.

Fire up that laser printer . . .