Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where I'm At

While driving around doing errands yesterday, I was musing about this whole process, and lamenting the fact that the entire time I was engrossed with the Big Project, I had perfect textbook cycles of about 28 days, ovulating perfectly in the middle. Contrast that to now, when I appear to be back to my old, erratic cycles. My current cycle actually started in December, and I'm currently on CD34, and don't feel the slightest bit like AF is coming any time soon. Not that it matters, I suppose, since we can't try right now anyway.

But still, I was running through my head all of the things that were different about October, November, and December. I wasn't sleeping, wasn't eating well, lost a ton of weight, and stopped taking my vitamins. Not exactly the normal prescription for cycles evening themselves out. The only other thing I could think of was that I was staying with a female friend of mine during the week, because that logistically worked out better. And then I had sort of an a-ha! moment, where I realized that was probably it. . .the McC.lintock effect, which is now largely recognized by the medical community after almost 40 years of debate, wherein women who live together tend to have their cycles regulate. Weird. Unfortunately, Dr. has informed me that they don't know what causes the phenomenon, so I can't go to my doctor and ask her to just give me the pill that makes it happen. I wonder if she'd mind if I moved back in with her until I got knocked up?

I put my first resume in the mail yesterday. It felt really good. I know the economy is rotten, and the chances of me getting any particular job I apply for aren't particularly good. But still, it feels excellent to take action. I had forgotten how time-consuming it can be to look for a job. It takes forever to locate a position I'm interested in, and then another eternity to pull together all of the application materials, because I tailor them for every position. As I apply for stuff, I'll be able to recycle the application materials when I apply for similar positions, but since I'm just starting out, I don't have anything put together yet. Ugh. I wish I had more patience for this.

And then there is the networking. I've been watching what people have done over the last few years as they've left my office, and I'm trying to emulate the steps they've taken in looking for a new position. But really, I don't think I'm any good at networking. It feels too much like asking for a favor, and I hate to ask for favors. I know people are generally happy to chat and make connections, but it still makes me slightly uncomfortable.


JamieD said...

I know what you mean about feeling like you are asking for a favor. Hubby tells me connections are no good unless you use them but it still makes me feel like I'm begging or something.

Good luck on your job search and your cycles. I am a total beliver in the McClintock effect. It's hard not to be when you see it happen.

~Jess said...

All of my friends new that in high school...our schedules were always exactly the same. It is weird.

Looking for a new job is never easy...I would love to, but know there's no chance of one around here.

Good luck with your quest.