Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Broken Appliances and Fixed Doctors

Well, maybe "fixed" is too strong a word. But, my PCP did FINALLY call me today. She sounded a little embarassed for taking so long. I need to have two tests done, to rule out any real problems. Her office is supposed to call in the next few days to schedule them. I am continuing to refuse to contemplate the possibility they will show anything bad.

But bad is exactly the prognosis for my dryer. We discovered that every time we turn it on, it throws the breaker. Our electrician, one of Terrific T.'s best friends, says that this means the motor is going on the dryer. It's a good thing I did all of that research on a new dryer, because it looks like that's what I'll be doing this weekend.

And just for fun, we think the water heater is going, too. We woke this morning to coolish showers. There's nothing better than a cold shower upon waking up on a freezing cold morning in February in New England. Unless it's a cold shower during a blizzard, which appears to be what I have to look forward to for tomorrow morning. Ugh.


JamieD said...

So sorry to hear about the dryer . . . at least all of the reasearch is done. That should leave you some time to research a new water heater!

Guera! said...

It's never just one thing is it? Good luck!