Saturday, February 14, 2009

Things I Heart

1. Kitty. He's doing well, surprisingly enough. He's eating well again, and seems full of energy. The crazy amounts of medication appear to be working. We're not out of the woods yet, but maybe he'll stick around for a little while longer.

2. My GI dr. That's right. . .who would've thought? My PCP has been a little slow to respond to the outstanding health issue, the weird findings on the CT scan from a month ago. We agreed that I would try to track down an old CT scan I'd had done a long time ago, in the hope that perhaps there were the same findings (and then we'd know that's just how my body is, as opposed to it being something really bad that might kill me). Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago I learned that the hospital where I had the old CT done destroyed the records because they were so old. I called the office almost two weeks ago and told them this, and asked that the doctor contact me so we can plan what to do next. I also faxed a note to my doctor that said the same thing, and asked her to contact me for followup. When I last spoke to her a month ago, she said that if the old report didn't help, we were looking at doing an MRI. The problem is that it's been TWO WEEKS and she still hasn't called me back. I'm trying not to be crazy neurotic stalker patient, but I really want this resolved and behind me. I will call again on Tuesday. But in the meantime, I had a routine appointment with Dr. GI to follow up on the stuff that happened last spring. I am healthy again GI-wise, and she asked if we were back to TTC. I told her about the CT scan, and when she asked who my PCP was, she sort of got a look. She must've noticed that I noticed her look, because she was quick to say "she's very good, but..." and I finished her sentence by saying "she's very slow." She agreed, so my PCP must have a reputation for slow follow-through. Which is all a very long way of saying that Dr. GI told me to have the CT scan faxed to her, and she'd take a look and make a recommendation. How awesome is that? She's TTC, too, and about my age, so I think she totally gets why the delay is annoying (on top of it being merely stressful and scary to have something like this up in the air).

3. Terrific T. He cracks me up every day. My Valentine's gift: flowered Smart.wool so.cks. How random is that?


JamieD said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

~Jess said...

What an great v-day gift!

I'm glad to hear that kitty is well. What a frustrating situation with your doctor...hopefully they get the lead out of their pants soon!

Guera! said...

I am so glad to hear about your sweet cat.
Your PCP needs a good kick in the pants.