Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Showers

The good news is that my shower this morning was hot, hot, hot. Hopefully, this means that the hot water heater is going to live to see another season.

The not so good news is that my ovaries hurt kind of a lot. I've been getting pretty bad right sided pain around ovulation every cycle for months now, with maybe a month or two somewhere in there where it didn't happen. Independent of this problem, I'm still struggling with the question of whether I go back to my same doctor, who I really like, or whether I pick an office that's closer to home. I think the solution for now will be to give my current dr.'s office a call to see if I can be seen for this issue, and then also use that appointment to talk to my dr. about Cl.omid (well, to figure out if she just plans on having me pop the pills with no monitoring or testing--which is exactly what I don't want). Then, if I don't like what my dr. has to say about Clo.mid, or if it turns out she's PG as I suspect she might be and won't be around for the foreseeable future, I can just make an appointment with the new clinic without waffling over whether it's the right decision. I think it really is a sickness, this ridiculouse need of mind to make the "perfect" decision on everything from pantyhose to vitamins to OB-GYN's.

Of course, even if I decide to switch dr's, I still haven't decided which clinic I should try next. It's a little hard for me to ask for recommendations, since I don't really know anyone in my area who has had kids recently.

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