Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OBGYN By Democracy

I had the radiology department fax my scan results over to Dr. GI this morning, and I called my regular doctor's office to "remind" them they've been ignoring me. When I explained to the nurse why I was calling (two weeks and nada from them), there was a very long pause, and then the nurse promised that someone would call back this afternoon or in the morning. It was really odd. No one called me this afternoon. Terrific T. wants me to find a new PCP.

But honestly, it's more important to me that I sort out the OBGYN issue right now, because that seems eminently more solveable. I can't switch PCP's in the middle of dealing with this particular issue. It's too complicated, and it's not that she's no good, it's just that she's ignoring me. Okay, that's no good, either. But still, I will get labeled a crazy patient if I try to switch PCP's right now. Plus, with Dr. GI weighing in, I feel like I have the best of both worlds: a second opinion, without having to go to the trouble of actually finding a new doctor and going through the whole saga again.

And speaking of crazy, read the following descriptions, and then take the poll on which clinic you'd try next. I have a frontrunner, but I want to see what you all think:

Option A: Believes in integrative/alternative medicine, including waterbirth and hypnobirthing; two board-certified doctors who've been practicing for more than 10 years; a third who isn't board-certified and looks to be fairly recently out of residency, but worked on a high risk obstetrics floor of a major hospital post-residency; and a bunch of midwives and massage therapists on staff.

Option B: Has about 5 doctors and as many midwives on staff; most of the doctors are board certified; Has an infertility specialist on staff, but she's a nurse; there is a doctor who also has an "interest" in infertility (??); they also offer complete infertility services (their website isn't very good, so maybe I shouldn't knock the practice for it).

Option C: 4 smart female doctors who went to great schools and are all board certified. . .but they also run a hair removal service. (I still find this incredibly weird and off-putting).


VA Blondie said...

I vote option B. I love the availability of the alternative stuff. I have found that you really need an RE to deal with the IF treatment. Too many OB/GYNs say they specialize in IF medicine, but all they really do is prescribe clomid and do not really know or care about IF medicine. I think you should see an RE for the IF stuff. Any RE worth their salt will not follow your pregnancy.

I do not know if that is helpful to you, but just my two cents. Take it for what it is worth.

JamieD said...

I kind of like the sound of Option A. For all the crap you've gone through, maybe you could get a massage out of the deal.

Darla said...

I would so LOVE to give you my specialist. I LOVE him and the local IVF clinic has a fantastic counselor. I'm sorry yours is so difficult.
Funniest quote from the waiting room magazine:
If you go off the estimated "regular" ovulation periods of dayX to dayY you don't have to worry about tracking it to accurately have sex when you might be ovulating. Riiiight, cause that's why it's called FERTILITY.

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