Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Randomness

I am deeply neurotic, as I'm sure you've noticed if you've been reading me for a while. It pervades every aspect of my life. For example, if I am going to buy something that I will have for a while, I want to make sure it is something that I will be happy with, so I research the item endlessly. It drives Terrific T. crazy. He will go to the store, pick something out, and buy it on the spot--not always with such great results. For me, I think it stems from growing up in a family where I didn't have a ton of spending money. If I was going to buy something as a kid, I wanted my money to be well spent. Nothing has realy changed.

In any case, when I went to pull the clean sheets out of our aging dryer last week and discovered they were soaked, I went into full research mode. I went to three different stores to check out their dryers, and their sales. I took notes. I created a chart, complete with categories regarding the features most important to me. I read through Con.sumer Re.ports, I read through online reviews, I read through anything I could get my hands on. And finally, I found the "perfect" dryer. . .at just about the same time that Terrific T. called up from the basement "I fixed it!" It turned out that the breaker had been thrown, for some reason, and was mislabeled to boot. I would have been really unhappy if we'd bought a new dryer and then discovered the thrown breaker.

We talked about TTC again this weekend. I had pretty much made up my mind about what I thought we should do, but we haven't really talked about it much since we came back from vacation. We're mostly on the same page. The second the medical thing is cleared up, we are back to trying. The only wrinkle is obviously the fact that I'm looking for a new job, and I feel a little conflicted about that, but TTC is waaaaay more important. I used to feel bad about the idea of starting a new job and getting PG, but I don't any more. I've put my time into the system and worked my butt off while other women were out on leave. If someone is going to be mad at me for taking a job and then taking leave a six months or a year later, oh well. And really, it only complicates things (assuming I get PG fairly soon--a crazy notion that I'm still ridiculously optimistic about) until I'm showing. Once I'm showing, potential employers will know what they're getting into without me having to tell. I thought Terrific T. would have more to say on the subject, because he really wants me to work in a place that is more supportive than my current employer, but he actually said that if I have to stay where I am until we have a baby, he could live with that. I have great health insurance (full IVF coverage, too!) and a very generous maternity leave policy, so there is an upside to that.

Kitty continues to do okay. Good, actually. He's frisky and happy, purring madly every time I'm near him, and eating up a storm.

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JamieD said...

It sounds like the time you spent researching dryers worked out to your advantage!! I am a researcher myself, but I've never made charts before. Hmmm . . . I might have to add that!

I like your TTC plan. And even if you wind up staying at your current job, at least it has some pretty good TTC perks.