Monday, May 4, 2009

Tertia's Book

I apologize for bring late to the book party; I've been selfidhly distracted by my own goings-on.

I loved every minute of Tertia's book. She's just so fresh and funny and brutally honest. Reading about what she's been through is a little bit like reading through all of the scary bits to a pregnancy book, as she's really seen it all. It was at times incredibly sad, but in the end, it is just amazing to have the chance to witness her perseverence. She was so determined to get there, and she did. I admire that.

But the biggest thing for me is that she is always so honest, to the point where it's at times almost raw...painful to read. There is value in that for me, because seeing her walk through those lowest points both makes me feel less alone on this journey, and it convinces me that I, too, will be okay in the end.

I think Tertia is so brave. As honest as I am here, I don't think I come close to being as bold and brash and outspoken as she is. So here is my question to you: Do you think YOU are completely honest even on your own blog, or are there things you hold back? Do you think you are as forthcoming as Tertia? And if not, why not?


JamieD said...

It is hard, even on a blog, to tell all. Tertia's honesty is so very admirable because it ~is~ terribly hard.

I'm completly honest about our TTC journey, but there are aspects of Hubby & I's relationship that I do not offer. Mostly because it is his life, too, and I want to respect his privacy. Not that he reads my blog (or ever will) but I am not the one to tell his story.

Ms. Perky said...

I most definitely am NOT as open and honest as Tertia, in large part because I know that there are real-life friends reading my blog and I don't want that raw emotion out there. Also, because my husband reads my blog, and although he never comments on the blog, and he never says anything to me in person about anything deeply personal unless I bring it up, I would feel...unfair. Like I had exposed something I shouldn't have. Like, why can I put something out there to the world that I can't even find a way to articulate to his face?

It wouldn't ever bother him, by the way. It would never occur to him to be bothered by it. Even if I whined about him on my blog (which I nearly never do, because there's nearly never anything to complain about with him).

There are, however, things about my husband I do not share on my blog. And things about our fertility journey that are between my husband and myself - because they're not entirely my story to share. So I don't.

loribeth said...

I too admire Tertia's honesty... but it's definitely not my style. I've often thought I could use some assertiveness training, because I tend to shy away from telling people what I REALLY think.

I tend to share a lot on my blog... but there are certain places where I draw the line, mostly for the sake of privacy.