Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Scattegories And Other Things

I stole this idea from
A Journey Through , whole got it from Calliope :

1. What is your name? Queenie
2. A 4 letter word: Quit
3. A vehicle: Quadruped
5. A boy’s name: Quincy
6. A girl’s name: Quinn
7. Drink: Quiet Nun
8. An occupation: Queen, of course
9. Something you wear: Quiver
10. A celebrity: 50 Cent (because that's two Quarters)
11. Something found in a bathroom: Quilted Northern
12. Reason for being late: Quarrel
13. Something you shout: Quick!
14. A body part: Quadriceps
15. Word to describe yourself: Quixotic (I am also tempted to put Quean , because that just cracks me up.)

In other news, I'm on CD17 and things aren't looking up this cycle, despite the fact I've added a B vitamin. I was hoping it might help move up O, but it's not looking like it. I've decided to try out some herbal remedies before we move on to Clomid. Unfortunately, I'm using the CBEFM, and last month I missed a pee stick right before ovulating, which I think threw everything off, as the monitor was clearly wrong last month about my ovulation date, for the first time since I started using it a year ago. So, I get to the same point in my cycle yesterday as I was at last month when I missed the test. I had to fly out of town on business yesterday, and I had to leave for the airport at 4am, which was unfortunately before my test window on the monitor started. I POASed, with the intention of having Terrific T. stick it in the machine when he woke up. Except I forgot to tell him, and I couldn't exactly ask him to do that when I called him from the plane, while sitting next to my male colleague. So, I missed another day this month. Today, I got my first "high" reading on the monitor, but I think the missed test stick is going to throw it off this month, too. Crap.

On the digestive front , I am MUCH better. In fact, almost back to normal. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me to feel better. You never are as grateful for your good health as you are when you have been violently ill. I'm still super-skinny, which sucks. I need some new work clothes, and (sorry to bitch, for those of you who suffer from different struggles with your weight) everything I tried on when I went shopping this week was too big. Like, handfuls of fabric too big when even wearing a size 0. I look like a praying mantis. So, now that I'm better, I'm working on gaining weight, and hoping that when I see the dr. in early July, she gives us the green light to actively TTC again.


Katie said...

Coming to return your comment. I feel your pain about clothes that are too big, I frequently go in to shops, try on the smallest size and it falls off me. I seem to naturally be this wight to, no matter what I eat I don't put on weight.

Io said...

Hot damn. Even I recognize that's awfully skinny. If only we could distribute weight - I'd be happy to give you some of mine.
Ill keep my fingers crossed that you get the green light.
Nice job on the celebrity with the Qs!

JamieD said...

What an awesome job on the meme!! I can't imagine how hard Q was to do.

I am sorry about your CBEFM. All these little toys that are supposed to make TTC easier seem to just be one more thing to be frustrated about.