Saturday, November 22, 2008

Misc. Junk and a Sex Poll

It's freezing here, like it seems like it is in much of the country. What kind of weather is this for November???

We got our shots this week, in preparation for our upcoming vacation. Everyone talks about how much tetanus shots hurt, but I have to say, the hepatitis shot was the worst. I swear she jammed the needle into my arm bone. It hurt when I got it, and it hurt even more in the hours after. The shot actually burned, going in. Although, two days later, the hepatitis doesn't hurt, and the tetanus now does. Go figure. We got like a bazillion immunications. Hopefully, they will keep us well. If Terrific T. gets sick, he's never going to let me live it down. And you know how sick I was all spring and summer. . .I must be crazy for planning this vacation. We leave in a couple of weeks!

So, I have researched and researched like the compulsive Type-A that I am, but I wasn't able to make any decisions about important details like "where" or "when." I thought a lot about our best trips, and they've always been where we had a list of stuff we wanted to do, but no real plan as to where and when. So, I decided that I'm not going to make any formal plans (gasp!). We have reservations for our first couple of nights and our last couple of nights, and that's it. We're winging it, baby. (Well, with a guidebook and a giant list.)

On a completely different subject, I have a sex question, so of course I'm going to ask y'all. While hanging with the girls this week, I opined that sex wasn't a particularly important criteria for dating someone, because great sex can be had just about anywhere, with the appropriate knowledge and/or props. Every woman at the table not only disagreed, but looked at me like I was out of my head. So, take the poll located on the sidebar. Cause, I wanna know if I'm nuts (or some kind of Kama Sutra-esque sex goddess).


Anonymous said...

The tetanus will hurt for a while probably. You may even run a low grade fever for a little while, but not too awful long.

Planning that trip would be a huge undertaking. I like the idea of winging it, personally. Know when you're leaving and know when you're coming home... Aside from that, just have fun, go wherever the four winds send you. Sounds quite relaxing.

Re: Sex. I really don't think that everyone is capable of good sex. It's kind of like saying that anyone can be a good artist with proper training and good brushes - if the person doesn't have the eye for art, excellent art will not be created. Likewise, if someone doesn't have the right "eye" for sex? No bueno, dude. Maybe you've just been lucky in your choice of lovers? This is also why I'm such a big fan of sex before marriage. If the person is a dolt in bed, the sex will always be terrible and the marriage will suffer. Gotta take a test drive, make sure you like the ride.

Dora said...

I agree with Manda. You are a lucky girl. Some people are just not good at it.

JamieD said...

That is what I remember about my last tetanus - not terribly bad at the beginning, but for days afterwards I thought my arm was going to fall off.

Congratulations - it sounds like you've never been with someone who was truly bad in bed!! Trust me - they are out there and they can't be helped.

Io said...

I don't think sex can be good with anyone. I mean, think about some of the schlubs you pass on the street. I think there has to be at least a bit of attraction to the person. And then yeah. In bed. Wow. You've apparently not slept with a couple guys I slept with (um, yech, sorry) because no amount of coaching could help them.
BTW, my verification is pliable. Heh.

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