Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two Things I've Never Had a Problem With

Thanks to JamieD for nominating me for the Speak Out, Speak Up Award! The Angry Infertile has this great post with the list of criteria for the Award. I have discovered that I meet all of them, except for the ones about shopping. I'm back to being okay with that. Of course, I have periods when I'm not. But let's skim over that for now.

I'm going to nominate everyone who reads this post, because I'm lazy. And because if you're reading this, you are likely walking down the road beside me.

Speaking of which. . .one of the other problems with leaving my job (yes, I'm still obsessing) is the health insurance. I am one of those rare people who has GREAT infertility coverage. My insurance pretty much covers it all. I could COBRA for up to 18 months, but what if that's not long enough? Argh. Every time I sit and think, there is another consideration for me to struggle with. It's positively maddening, this decision.

Oh, and good news. The great health insurance also apparently will cover all of the immunizations we will be needing for CA. We get our jabs later this week. I can hardly wait.


JamieD said...

Yeah for great health insurance! That IS something to think about. Unfortunantly, it doesn't happen often.

Io said...

Ugh. The insurance issue does complicate it, doesn't it?