Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moving On

Wow, am I tired. I went away for the weekend, and all I did was sleep and eat, and I'm STILL tired. I haven't been sleeping more than 4-5 hours a night at most for months now, but for some reason, I thought I'd bounce right back after the Big Project ended. Not so much.

Ditto for my health. I was sure those 10 pounds I want to gain would jump right back on board, but I haven't gained a thing. And I ate eggs and bacon and homefries and toast and muffins each morning for the last four days. And pie and steak and on and on. I feel really rotten (and it's not from the high cholesterol weekend).

The good news is that I just finished a normal 28 day cycle. It figures that I would have a textbook cycle right as the BP was ending, when I was in no shape to make good use of it. On the baby front, we're out until 2009, sadly. I neglected to pay attention to the medication regimen that will be necessary for our trip, and malaria med's and all sorts of vaccinations are in order. ("Typhoid?" the medical assistant at my doctor's office said. "I'm not sure there's a vaccination for that." Indeed there is, and the CDC recommends it for Central America.) I'm sure there are women who mix malaria and pregnancy, but I don't really want to be one of them. Given my recent checkered medical history, I think the vaccinations are in order. And anyway, I need to rest up and bulk up and spend some time getting my head together before we get on the roller coaster again.

And getting my house together. Boy, is it a disaster. Between the BP and the ongoing major renovations, it's just a mess. There are oceans of old mail floating around, in need of filing, mountains of dry cleaning, and the odd bit of wiring sticking out all over, waiting for fixtures to be attached. And missing walls and torn up floors and. . .oh, you get the idea. So, Terrific T. and I decided that we would do a small project together each weekend. We will alternate weekends, in terms of who gets to choose the project. The other person can't say no to the project. I get to go first. I am deleriously excited at the prospect, and can hardly decide what to do first. (Did I mention that I am NOT AT ALL handy? Terrific T., on the other hand, is a professional. Marital spats are sure to ensue, and I will surely be back here whining about this very agreement. But for now, all looks rosy and exciting.) I have two projects I would like to see happen first: one, pulling everything out of my very messy bedroom closet, which is getting slightly enlarged. A new wall needs to go in, and then I'd like to go to I.K.EA and get one of their closet storage systems and make my closet fabulously organized. So sad how exciting I find this, actually. The other project I want to do is tile the back hallway. But I haven't found the perfect tile for that yet, and I want something really cool and unusual. If you know a good floor tile source, let me know, because I'm in the market. Maybe we'll do the closet this weekend, and then the hallway in a couple of weeks when it's my turn again.

In the midst of renovation, I've been thinking a lot about my nursery. I can't help it. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I have completely and totally fallen for this crib. It's ridiculously expensive, but I love it. Given how far away any possible baby is, I'm guessing it will probably go on sale before I'll need it. My desire for this crib is either really pathetic, or really optimistic. I can't decide which.


Kristin said...

Here from the lushary...good luck with the upcoming weekend projects, getting ready for your trip and everything else.

BTW, I love that crib too.

Io said...

Oh wow. That crib is so nice. I think your desire is optimistic. Mine is pathetic. Even if I had a kid, that crib is way too much for me.
Good luck with the house stuff - its a pain in the toochis, for sure, but it's so great when you finish. I love starting house projects, I just wish I were better at finishing them!

Come visit me. We'll fatten you up in no time. And there is no malaria here! (I snorted out loud at the mixing motherhood and malaria line - my boss turned and looked at me and asked if I was ok. Whoops.)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how different we are sometimes. My idea of a spectacular vacation involves about a month in the mountains of CO. A luxury hotel. Spa visits... Not so much on the malaria and typhoid. You are so much more interesting than I.

I'm very excited to hear about your exploits in CA though, I must admit.

And that crib? Spectacular.

Heather said...

Wishing you lots of luck on the little projects throughout your house.

JamieD said...

It isn't sad at all - thinking about you organizing your closet has made me excited about organizing mine!

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. But I wouldn't be surprised if it took your body just a little bit longer to recover from the BP. You devoted so much energy to it!