Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts on Borneo

It appears that Borneo really will be a reality. I can scarcely believe it. There are even whispers of a slightly longer sabbatical than I had originally intended. Right now, we are planning on trying to travel for four weeks. It seems bizarre to even type that. Since getting my first "real" job, I haven't had more than a week off at a time. Shame on me. But anyway. . .we might be able to eek out a few more weeks, on top of those four. I'm thinking that might be a good time to lounge about in my pajamas all day and read trashy magazines, and also clean out some closets, and the beasts that my garage and basement have become.

Some of the things that are tops on my list for the travel portion of the itinerary include scuba lessons and surf camp. Since we'll be making plans at the last minute, anyway, I'm thinking that if we're not pregnant by then, it's definitely going to be Central America--Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama or Costa Rica, most likely. If we are pregnant, we probably won't go there, because scuba would be out, and malaria and other unfortunate diseases are too much of a risk in the places I want to go. I know that women in those areas get pregnant quite successfully, and deliver healthy babies, but it's just not the kind of risk I think I am willing to take. If we are pregnant, I'm thinking about a month in Hawaii. There's plenty of snorkeling, hiking, etc. there to keep me happy.

Doesn't that sound lovely, either way? It's all that's keeping me going right now.


Io said...

Oh, it sounds so lovely. If only I were very small and could stow away in your suitcase.

JamieD said...

What wonderful options! Even a few weeks in a pair of jammies sounds luxurious.

I have always wanted to scuba dive. We snorkeled once and it was great! I sucked in a lot of sea water before I really got the hang of it, but it was worth it!

~Jess said...

It sounds like you'll have a wonderful time no matter where you guys go:-)
I'd love a month off.