Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grab bag

First, thank you for your car suggestions. I think we have four finalists. We test drove two yesterday, and now I just need to find time to test drive the other two. Manda, I would love a Cayenne, but I would never, ever spend that kind of money on a car--it's such a waste of money, plus you never know when some old woman is going to be talking to fluffy and not paying attention to the road. . .

The last time I bought a car several years ago, we talked about how it would be the car that our child sat in, and that went into the equation. Funny, huh? Maybe I'm incredibly stupid, because I'm still looking at what people say about getting car seats in and out of the ones we're looking at. And safety is Terrific T's top priority, since his kids are going to be riding in it. And yes, he is talking in plural. We clearly have learned nothing from our journey.

Despite the stubborn refusal of my CBEFM to show me the money this month, my temperature seems to have spiked over the last three days. Maybe it's just a little warm in my bedroom, or maybe I actually did O. If I did, I don't know WHEN I did, since there were four days before these three high temp's when I did not temp due to the time change when I traveled, and the subsequent lack of sleep. There was one other month when I thought my temp shift was clear, but the CBEFM said I'd O'd at a different time, so I've already learned that the monitor is not foolproof. My boobs feel a little larger and a little sore, so perhaps AF is on its way. I think I'm on CD32 today. I have an annual appointment on Wednesday with my GYN, and I guess we'll talk then about where to go from here.

And, it's raining here again today. It seems like it has rained every day this summer, and I'm sick of it. Although, I've hardly needed to water anything at all, so I guess there's a silver lining.


HeidiM said...

I swear the day I decide to buy a 2-seat sports car is the day I'll finally get pregnant!

JamieD said...

This is my first month to temp and it is so frustrating. I can't imagine what it would be like to do it month after month. Why can't we have textbook hormones?!?!

Io said...

I want to know what the finalists are!
I drive a Subaru O.utback and I love her.
The rain has been good this summer I think - we haven't had to water like we did last year. Our water company just sent us a bill for -$187, because they had way overestimated how much water we would use.