Saturday, August 2, 2008

Car Shopping

Since my car is totaled, I'm going to have to go car shopping. Ugh. It's the last thing I needed right now. So, what would you get if you were shopping at this point, hoping for a kid, needing to driving in the snow, and hauling a kayak and a dog?


~Jess said...

Subaru Outback. My massage therapist drives one and she loves it. It's great in the snow, is lower to the ground so it's easy to load her kayak and it has quite a bit of room in it.

Good luck search!

JamieD said...

I don't know about a kayak or driving in the snow, but I really like the Nissan Murano. I don't have one myself, but have heard good things about them.

Anonymous said...

If price wasn't called in to question (oh, how I long for that to someday be the case), I'd get a Porsche Cayenne in all wheel drive. See here:

About $5,000 less (to the lowest of both denominators), you find the Volkswagen Touareg which I find equally beautiful, but it doesn't have the Porsche badge, so it gets slightly fewer points.

As you can see, I tend to avoid American cars. Mark has a Ford truck that has been very reliable, but I think they tend to feel cheaper than foreign cars. And European leather always smells better. If you want to spend slightly less money, all of Nissan's SUVs are pretty wonderful across the board. I had a Pathfinder for a while and really liked it. My MIL has a Murano and it's beautiful... The front seats are enormous. We called them the ghetto booty seats. Not that YOU need those... But my MIL does. *rimshot*