Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Between

Summer Camp Day 12: first time drunk. . .uh? I honestly don't remember. Probably my freshman year of college; I never drank to intoxication before that. Weird that I can't remember. But then, we are going back two decades.

As for everything else. . .still allegedly pregnant, still don't feel it. No more spotting since those early days. Getting the progesterone turned into a saga, and I've been trying not to freak out about the fact I haven't started it yet. The prescription didn't come for many days; the pharmacy didn't have any in, and had to order the progesterone, which delayed it even more; they didn't call me as they were supposed to when it arrived; then they tried to give me much more than I needed and overcharge me for it; and it cost a small fortune. But I finally got it today, and will start tonight. I have no symptoms, though--no sore boobs, no nothing. I'm hungry in the morning and get slightly nauseous on an empty stomach, but that's about it. My appointment is next week.

I am finding this period of time irritating. I feel in between in every way. There is the pregnancy, obviously. But also, there is a lull between our recent travels and our next trip. I won't find out for a bit where my next position with the company will be, but we've already started planning for it. A few people are leaving my office, but not quite out the door. It very much feels like we're in between--past one phase but not yet to the next, and it's left me restless and frustrated and a bit bored. The one silver lining is that we got a surprise email from old friends saying that they will be in town this weekend and would love to have dinner. That will be a happy little respite from the maddening in-betweeness.


Heather said...

Wow! Talk about being in complete limbo. Hang in there. I think everything will be working out and then you'll be out of this transition phase soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope that first ultrasound (and some precious piece of mind) comes quickly. Those are a lot of balls to juggle.