Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Getting a Little Messy Around Here

I have my CVS scheduled for August 22nd. I am second-guessing myself already. I initially decided that the horror of getting not-so-great statistics from the combined early screening (ie, NT scan and blood tests) wasn't worth it, and to go right to CVS itself. Now that the test is actually scheduled, I am feeling foolish for skipping the scan. I took some hope during the intervening days last time, between the scan and the CVS, from the fact the nuchal measurement looked good. The days will feel particularly long post-CVS with no information. Plus, a part of me feels like an extra scan is an extra chance to catch an anomaly. But, there is only a narrow window where the testing can be done--something like 11w3d to 13w6d. Since I'm pretty much having the CVS as early as they can do it (11w3d), it will be too early to do the NT scan/bloodwork the week before. I can't move the CVS back because we are flying to the U.S. My only other choice would be to do the CVS in the US after doing the NT scan here, which seems ridiculous. Plus, I'd have to explain my disappearance mid-visit home, and I'm not really up for that. I can't believe what a terrible scheduling job I did with our trip. I really hope everything is okay, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because bad results will not only be hard for me to handle, but they will be logistically difficult, as well. I deal best with bad news in private, and there is no "private" during our upcoming whirlwind tour.

I had a disastrous experience a couple of days ago with the progesterone suppositories. They are just gross. I usually get up early, put one in, and then go back to bed for a bit to try to let my body absorb as much as possible before it all melts and runs out. Then I shower and go to work. Now, even with this process, there is still leakage in the morning post-shower, so I of course use a pantiliner. On this day, I followed my usual morning process. I put a light colored suit and a pair of dark underwear (which I usually don't do with light colors, but the suit isn't see-through). Anyway, at some point after lunch, I went to the bathroom, looked down, and realized that my pants had black all over them. I looked more closely, and sure enough, they were all greasy looking on the outside and black everywhere. It was even worse on the inside. The progesterone leaked through the pantiliner, took the color out of my underwear, and transferred the color from my underwear THROUGH my pants onto the outside! The pants are a mess. Thankfully, I don't think anyone noticed before I did. I had to text my husband and ask him to bring me new clothes to work, just so that I could walk about of the building. Sigh. The things we go through for the chance of a successful pregnancy.

Speaking some more of pants, I am just shy of 8 weeks now, and quickly growing out of my pants. I thought it was early (I have been REALLY hungry!), but looking back at my blog from during Miss M's pregnancy, I see that I was growing out of my pants at the same point then, too. It all goes to my belly so quickly. It is funny to see that the pants that fit then are the pants that fit now. It makes me feel a bit better, actually, that I'm not growing exponentially bigger in lightening speed. I'm kind of looking forward to stretchy maternity clothes, just so I don't have to try to fit into my pants!

Unfortunately, I'm having some of my digestive issues again, too, which is probably exacerbating the pants situation (swollen tummy). I suspect it's because I've been eating a lot of fruit. My usual solution at this point is to eat very little (mainly protein) and drink lots of water, but that's not a solution that will work pregnant. I've gone back on my medication (it's fine to take while pregnant; I took it the entire time I was pregnant and breastfeeding Miss M). But, I only have one month's supply, so I'll need to find a gastroenterologist here, which I am not looking forward to at all. My old health insurance mostly paid for the medication, but with my new insurance it's really expensive. Fun times.


Heather said...

Sorry to hear how you're feeling both physically and mentally. I hope things are all looking up soon.

Jamie said...

Ugh - what a lot to have on your mind. Especially when all you want deep down is to be pregnant, happy and worry free. But we all know 'pregnant' and 'worry free' don't go together.

The timing of your trip is frustrating but I hope all goes well with the CVS and it is a total non-issue!!

Jen said...

Hi - first of all wanted to say thank you for reading my blog :) I think you were my first official comment. Woohoo!! Also, wanted to wish you congrats on your pregnancy! Hope things get less messy with the progesterone and that your are feeling good soon!