Saturday, July 16, 2011


For far too long, I've needed to sort through and pack away Miss M's outgrown clothes. There is a "real" bed in her room, and for months it's been covered in clothing of various Goldilocks sizes-some too big, some too small, some just right. I still hadn't unpacked her five million stuffed animals; they've been packed away since our big move. I needed to rearrange her room, too, to make space for her to ride the giant rocking horse my mother bought her for Christmas, which she is finally big enough to use. I've been procrastinating because...well because playing with Miss M is so much more fun than packing up her clothes.

But today, it was pouring outside, so I decided to tackle the project. Good lawd, does that child have a lot of clothes! I sorted and sorted and sorted. I hauled out two boxes of animals, which she promptly emptied everywhere. I matched tiny baby socks and packed them away. I pulled out new things and washed them. I made up the bassinet and filled it with animals, and rearranged the bedroom to fit all the toys (well, all the toys that aren't in the living room). By early afternoon, I had all of the small stuff reasonably organized and put away, all closets organized, and the room in order. It's not the gorgeous nursery that we built for her in our old house, but it looks like a very nice room for a little girl.

I thought it would be sad to go through the things that she's slowly outgrown in recent months, but it wasn't. I marveled at how manygreat outfits she has, and what good condition they are in, and I thought about the next child who would wear them. Will it be this child, this
one in my belly? I am hopeful, but who knows. I still don't feel particularly pregnant, but for being unusually tired and hungry-no morning sickness, which I avoided with Miss M, but also no breast tenderness, which is surprising. It plagued me with Miss M. I know every pregnancy is different, but still...I think it's what's been worrying me so, this lack of symptoms. I was thankful for the distraction today.

In a wave of optimism, I did mention to T (of course we want a healthy baby first and foremost) that if this baby's a boy, we're going to have some trouble in the clothing department! Everything we have is resolutely female.

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~Jess said...

We have the same issue with girls clothes, too many and nothing for boys.

I hear ya on the feeling pregnant. I'm supposed to be cooking 3 of them, and I definitely felt worse with pregnant with Miss A. Weird how it works.