Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Camp: Food!

Calliope's summer camp is well under way, and today it's all about the food: favorite foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead of "favorites," I'm going to list things I just can't get here in Europe. At least, not really goooood stuff:

Breakfast: Big fluffy blueberry pancakes; eggs benedict. Thank goodness for Starbucks' global domination: I can still get chai tea lattes. And for some reason, our grocery store sells Oscar Meyer American bacon in little plastic packages. Hallelujah!

Lunch: Mexican food. For the most part, there was never a big migration of Latin Americans to European countries. It is next to impossible to get decent Latin food. It's Mexican that I crave the most--good nachos; real sour cream; guacamole; fried shrimp burritos with special sauce from my favorite place; real salsa. I'd make my own, but it's hard to even get good ingredients here. Case in point: I haven't been able to find fresh jalepenos for sale here, and I've looked and looked and looked.

Dinner: Lobster and steamers. What can I say? I'm a New England girl, and it's summertime. Only, it's NOT really summertime without lobster and steamers!

In other news, I am still not feeling particularly pregnant--I'm exhausted at night, but no sore boobs or other symptoms. I took the other pregnancy test I had left on or about 4w5d, and it came back as being essentially 3-4 weeks pregnant (the only other option on the test is 4+ weeks). I dunno. I'm still pregnant, but in this weird no-man's land as to how I feel about it. It isn't feeling particularly real, and I don't think I'll let it until we're past the initial ultrasound (and probably a few other steps).


Heather said...

Sorry you're still in pregnancy limbo, but I'm thinking really good thoughts for you! I have to catch up on my summer camp posts!

Darla said...

Oh food! I feel your pain. There is some cuisine that is delightfully European and I will miss when I leave but there are definitely foods we miss from the states!

1. Big thick Belgium waffles
2. Super gooey baked mac-n-cheese
3. Texas BBQ
4. Taco truck fresh steak tacos
5. Small town ice cream shop malts

Just to name a few ...

Darla said...

Silly me ... I just read the first 'blog camp' post from Calliope! she is a brilliant girl! Enjoy your virtual camp ... I'll have to look at it in the fall the way summer is shaping up.