Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So, nothing exciting here. My temp's say that I'm 3dpo. My boobs are slightly larger than normal, which is probably a side effect of the Clo.mid. Other than that, things are pretty normal.

I would really like to think that this is our cycle, but I'm completely convinced that it's not. CM is something of an issue for me, and the one time we managed to get PG, the sex was better timed than it was this month. With next to no CM, I surmise that the swimmers don't live very long, and/or can't make their long and arduous journey to Eggville. But, I guess we'll know for sure in another week.


JamieD said...

There are people out there who get pregnant on their first Clomid cycle so don't give up yet!

As for the CM, when I had my post-coital exam my doc said he knew we timed it correctly because there was plenty of CM. Much to my surprise because I felt like I was as dry as the desert sand.

Have you ever tried Pre Seed? It's a sperm friendly lub that even if for no other reason, makes the sex-a-thon more fun.

Anonymous said...

I just read a bit of your history and I'm looking forward to stalking you from now on. Good luck this cycle!


Erica said...

Thanks for your advice about my "friend." I really appreciate it. :) And it's nice to "meet" you.

Lots of luck with this cycle. I hope you get your happy ending soon.

ICLW #15

Beautiful Mess said...

I agree with JamieD, don't give up! I'm sending you lots of good luck and crossing all things crossable for you!

MC said...

Best of luck this cycle! Sometimes even though it seems as though the timing is wrong, sometimes it's not.

Again, best of luck. (ICLW)

Kristin said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Io said...

I hope this week moves along quickly for you. At least you know now that you can handle clomid.
I think (or maybe I am pulling this outta my ass) that clomid can hurt cm production. So yeah, you might want to try some preseed.

nancy said...

Good luck with your cycle!

Have you ever tried pre~seed? I think it's a miracle worker - I have huge CM issues.