Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time is slowly slipping by this week. Work has been busy, and it has been good to be occupied. I went out with a bunch of friends last night for drinks and dinner. It was really weird to not have a glass of wine with everyone else, but fun to be out. I haven't gotten home that late on a school night in a long time! The weekend promises to continue to be busy, which will hopefully keep my mind off obsessing.

Thank you for all of the responses to my "Revelations" post. I do know that everything is not all happy, all the time. But T. is right--there was definitely a mind shift for me, way back when, and there was another one back to a darker place, after the miscarriage. It wasn't just happiness over being pregnant--I definitely had a more positive outlook on the world, during that time. I think that everything we've slogged through since then has definitely changed me, and has impacted my outlook. I definitely look at this whole babymaking business with a jaundiced eye. I guess that only time will tell in terms of what the future holds for me, and for us.

And now, I'd better get in the shower. I have meetings all day, and I'm going to be late to the first one if I don't get going. Thank goodness for meetings, though--and meetings out of the office. The distraction is fabulous.


infertilityrocks said...

I have a jaundiced eye, as you call it, about ttc too. My dh thinks I'm so terribly negative about the whole thing...but it's the only way I've survived infertility this long.

Clomid kills my cm RE recommended 'pre-seed'...I bought the OTC version they sell at CVS called 'pre-conceive'.


~Jess said...

I know that my perception of a lot of things are tainted by infertility...or maybe I'm just more realistic than the average joe.

I hope this cycle works for you guys! Have my fingers and everything else crossed.

JamieD said...

Distractions are a good thing during the 2WW.

Still hoping this cycle is the one!

Carrie said...

I like the "jaundiced eye" phrase- I feel completely the same way!

I am glad you have some fun and busy things to do to keep your mind occupied... I am stuck resting with OHSS awaiting my beta.

I had no CM on Clomid, either. It words against itself, sometimes!

Hugs and happy ICLW!