Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clo.mid, Day Two

So far, so good. I was RAVENOUS by 5:00, but I had a salad and Skittles for lunch, so that's probably why. Hey, after a salad, the Skittles were totally necessary.

I'm not really noticing any side effects yet. I hope this continues. The pharmacy insert says something that struck me as really funny--"many women do not have any serious side effects from this medication." Yes, but what about the rest of the women? I'm already on the edge people, and about to jack up the hormone levels. Maybe you could work with that wording a little, maybe lie just a teensy bit, so I don't go around the freaking bend wondering whether I'm one of the lucky "many women," or just one of the other, poor forsaken women destined to live in hormonal hell this cycle?

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Io said...

Ha! So even if you don't have side effects from the drug exactly you have side effects in your mind thinking about whether or not you will have them.
I think after a salad you definitely need something - I had a salad for lunch too, which is why I needed the girl scout cookies I ate with it.