Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Good News, And I Know I Said I Wouldn't, But...

A month or so ago, I started applying for an incredibly competitive job that I really, really want. I didn't expect to hear anything at all for another month or so, because that's what they told me to expect. Today, I got an email that let me know that I've made it to the next round! I am SO excited. On top of the good health news, and being able to try again, FINALLY, it has been a really good week, and it's only Tuesday. I hope the trend continues!

So then I called my doctor's office, completely planning on hearing the "no monitoring," and moving on. But. . .my doctor called me back herself, and talked to me at length. I really like her. I know it's not a perfect situation, in that I would so much prefer a doctor who follows me around as I live my life, and is there to analyze with me every twinge and temperature change. . .ya know, someone who can move in with me, watch my every move, help with the kids until they're 30 or so. (I'm sure you've noticed that I'm crazy neurotic.)

Anyway, I think Clomid + monitoring is really the ideal situation, and I know there are loads of doctors out there who do it. But my doctor isn't inclined to. She recently discussed the issue with the fert doc's at her clinic, and they all concurred that this early in the process, they don't see the point. And, as my doctor pointed out, we already know from my (obsessive) charting that there is a problem, in that I cannot and do not ovulate with any regularity, and I have a short LP. Clo.mid has the ability to solve both problems. And in pouring over my charts just now, I do see that back in January of 2008, I did have one crazy cycle where I ovulated on CD16, and had an 11 day LP, so perhaps I shouldn't get my hopes up that this cycle is so fabulous.

So, anywho, she presecribed the Clom.id, and I'm supposed to go back to see her in April. Only, she's about to give birth, as I'd expected, so I'll see someone else, instead. She swears that she will be out only 8 weeks, and has promised me that she will come back. I think I'm going to stick with her for now. Have I mentioned that I really like her? Am I crazy for considering Clo.mid without monitoring? I have the prescription, but that doesn't mean I'm going to use it. . .probably. DH is all for it, by the way, despite the fact that I've told him it may change me into a raving hormonal lunatic. He didn't seem to think that was a cause to worry. . .come to think of it, he might have thought that there wouldn't be much of a difference. Hmfh.


Wordgirl said...

Great news about the job -- HOORAY!

t's so refreshing to hear someone who really loves their doctor! I wish I had more advice about the clomid without monitoring -- I would be nervous but I think that's just a reaction to a few years now reading IF blogs and realizing all the possible permutations of things...

Early on (two years ago or so) I was prescribed clomid and the doctor I was going to simply never realized I was polycystic -- I seemingly ovulated, but like you - -never like clockwork --so it was a shock to me when down the line I got the overstimulation with the follistim (they were trying an iui with superovulation) and changed clinics only to get a pcos diagnosis with an RE right away.

I wish I had more words of wisdom!


Bluebird said...

Congratulations :) And I'm so glad you like your doctor- she sounds really great and understanding.

~Jess said...

Congratulations with the job :-)

I say go for it. I was worried about clomid too, I ended up with 2 main follies last cycle and 1 smaller: Only 1 fertilized.
My only concern would be...how do they know you ovulated?

Good luck with all of it: The job and the meds!

Io said...

Yay! Of COURSE they put you to the next round and told you earlier than you thought they would - who wouldn't want you?
Personally I'd be nervous about doing Clomid without monitoring, because I'd probably be the asshole who ended up with dectuplets or some crap. Or I'd have sex at totally the wrong time and just be pissed.

JamieD said...

Congrats on the job news! It HAS been a great week, hasn't it?!?!

I would be okay with an initial unmonitored round of Clomid. I know you will monitor yourself closly at home. If it doesn't seem to affect your O date or your LP, maybe you could talk her (or whoever) into one, just one, monitored cycle. Surely they wouldn't deny you that.