Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Guess What Came In The Mail Today?

Tertia's book!. I've only read a few pages, but I'm psyched that it's here. I am drinking a glass of white wine in honor thereof.

AF seems to just be arriving tonight. I'm going to call it an 11 day LP. Better than normal. . .I'm on the fence today about the Clo.mid. This damn cycle has me thinking that maybe we can just do it on our own. . .hope is such a bastard. I'd love to hear your Clo.mid story, if you have one, or better yet, link me to your blog page, if you've posted about it.

I think Io (and dude, can I say it's SO good to have you back!!!) asked if the liver situation could just be left "as is"--the answer is yes. Unless there's a problem, they don't touch the liver. Since I can't feel the tumor, it's small, and it's not impacting anything else, they don't operate. Operating is actually way more dangerous than leaving it alone, as I understand it, and this particular type of tumor isn't known to become malignant.

As far as the unmonitored cycle goes, I'll know when I ovulate because I temp AND I have the CBEFM. They've basically been spot-on every month that I've used both. Once I think the monitor was off by a day or so. I'm not worried about that part. I'm worried about creating a freakish level of eggs, since I know that I ovulate; I just don't do it early enough. I know multiples are generally twins and not HOM's, but it still scares me. And honestly, the biggest thing I'm freaked out about is just taking the drugs, and the potential side effects. I don't do medication well, and I've heard such horror stories. When I hear women enthusiastically choosing injectibles over Clo.mid, it gives me pause.


JamieD said...

I still need to order Tertia's book. I really look forward to reading it.

I can understand your hesitation about the Clomid cycle. It did seem like a huge leap when I started the Femara. Which was odd, considering everthing else out there people do to encourage ovulation. It's still a little frustrating, also, to think if you try a Clomid cycle you will be discussing the outcome with someone other than your OB.

You said she would be back in 8 weeks, right? You could put Clomid on the back burner until she gets back. Give yourself a couple of more cycles to see if they are going to stay regular.

Io said...

Dude, it is good to BE back! I'm glad the tumor doesn't require anything.

Yeah, I'd be freaking over HOM. Which is why I'd want to do a monitored cycle with it. I have no assvice about clomid other than I know I've read some people who can barely tell they're doing anything and others who feel like they're dying.

Darla said...

Ok and I also love Tertia's blog ... fantastic story.

Anyone need Clomid references? My blog is choke full of them as you know ... it's all under my "Let's Have a Baby" link .. perhaps I should rename it "Once I Was Stuck In CrazyLand"?