Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's Talk About S@x, and Shopping

This is once again going to be more information than anyone visiting here wants to know, but since this also serves as my TTC journal and I want a record for the next cycle, my apologies in advance.

The sexathon is over. My temp spiked .40 degrees this morning, clearly indicating that I O'd yesterday (CD16). I must've had a short LH surge this cycle, because normally I don't O until the day AFTER I get a "peak" reading on the monitor, and I had only a "high" on CD15 (Friday). From my CM on CD15, I actually thought that I might be O-ing earlier than the monitor indicated.

Unfortunately, the end result is that I don't think it's going to work this month. We were supposed to have sex every other day starting on CD11, but we started on CD12, instead. Because I thought I was O-ing Friday (CD15), even though the monitor didn't give me a "peak" on Friday, we were going to DTD Friday night. . .but I fell asleep at like 8:00, before T. even came to bed. Then, we were going to DTD Saturday morning, and that didn't work out for other reasons. So, we did finally get around to it last night, but I think it was probably too late. I have zero hope that any swimmers were still sticking around from CD14, because my body doesn't work like that. At least, it hasn't any other time in the last two years.

But hey, I O'd on CD16. That is waaay better than my "normal" CD21 or 22. Onward we march to the next cycle.

I have been personally engaging in a one-woman economic stimulus plan recently. I am there for you, America. There was the new dryer and the new hot water heater in a single week last month. Yesterday, it was the bedroom. It all started when T. asked me to pick up some more shaving cream that he fell in love with. It's the Bige.low kind, so this involved a trip to the mall. And while I was on my way to the store that actually sells the shaving cream, I had to walk through Mac.y's, where they were having a one-day sale on pillows. The pillows on my bed were all horrible, flat, stuffing coming out of them disasters, and I've been meaning to replace them, and it was a really great sale. So, I bought six of them--two normal fluffy pillows, two down, and two made of this gushy memory-foam stuff, for $60! Given that the cheapest of the pillows was normally $20, and the most expensive two were normally $40 each, I thought this was a great deal.

Then, I moved onward to pick up the shaving cream. Really, that's all I meant to do. But the store is by Vicky's little lingerie boutique, and hey, the sexathon was on, so I had to swing by for some cute new underwear. They were having this deal where you got $5 off your purchase if you tried on their new "perfect" bra. It saved me $5, but it wasn't anywhere near perfect. "Perfect" generally involves something that is (a) comfortable, and (b) makes me look naturally endowed. The so-called "perfect" bra made my tatas look like a 1950's pinup--all big and pointy and unnatural looking. Anyone who knows me would have taken one look and thought "hey, she's wearing a giant padded bra!" But then, there's often a lot of padding involved in my bra size, so perhaps if you are more generously endowed, it's a nearer to being the "perfect" bra. After all, Heid.i K.lum wouldn't lie to you just to meet her contract terms, would she? I also got a savings card out of the deal that I can use in a few weeks, that's worth $10-100 off (you don't find out how much you actually get until you go to the register). Because bra shopping sucks for flat-chested me, I generally avoid it, which consequently means I never have enough bras. But I found a couple I liked yesterday, so I'll go back in a few weeks with my nifty savings card.

And THEN I made it to Bat.h & Body for the shaving cream. And some handsoap, since we were out. And a little mentha lipsticky thing that I've fallen in love with, but in a different shade than I already owned. And a tinted moisterizer with sunscreen, because I am looking a little pasty and haggard these days. Oh, and of course a big tube of the shaving cream.

Since I bought new pillows, I also had to buy new sheets. I scored at TJ Maxx--100% white egyptian cotton, 500 thread count, $40 for a full set, including pillow cases. And two white matilisse shams that are absoulutely gorgeous, at $12 each. And groceries. And a partrige in a pear tree.

I feel a little guilty, given the economy. But there are some really great sales out there right now, if you need new stuff, or even if you don't. And I'm going to rationalize it. . .maybe someone will keep their job for another day, because I went shopping.


Parenthood For Me said...

That's a great thought. By shopping we're saving jobs. I think of that at my next trip to Target.

Io said...

Don't feel guilty! You're saving the world!
And it sounds like you got some great deals.
Ever since I grew these gazongas I have hated bra shopping, but I always need more bras. There aren't a whole lot of pretty AND comfortable ones in my size though.

Lisa said...

Dont feel guilty those were some great deal!!

Oh and there is still hope for you on the baby makin front, sex 2 days before O is good!!

Happy ICLW : )

HeidiM said...

I agree with Lisa, I think you're fine on timing, so there's definitely hope!!

You are making me want to shop...I could use new sheets, and towels, and bras... Do you find that stores are really quiet lately? It's so weird, no lines, no people. At least here in Denver.

Beautiful Mess said...

Hey can I go shopping with you next time you go? That sounds like a GREAT day! You got some great deals, too. Good for you!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Jo said...

My two favorite things! and yes, shopping IS a little like saving the world. . .:-)


Nic said...

Happy ICLW! I hope the Baby dance does result in a positive result!

Nit said...

I love the way you rationalized that!

And you never could have worked this month...I am holding out hope for you :P)

JamieD said...

Sometimes it just feels good to spend money. I don't know why and I wish I knew how to stop it. But it sounds like you bought all things to share with T! Pillows, sheets, sexy underwear . . .

Bluebird said...

What awesome deals! Super jealous :) Oh, and if you do end up finding some bras you like, please let us know - sounds like we're built the same!

Darla said...

I personally think that spending therapy can greatly helps the TTC sexathons! And I'm greatly experienced in both things! Perhaps I should discuss that with the shrink? lol

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I love the 'one-woman economic stimulus plan'. I think I've been doing that lately too... a new radiator for the car, new shoes for work, etc. But the best is when I shop from the store where I work... job security! :)

Stacie said...

Here from ICLW.

I loved your last line. I am all for rationalizing the $120 shopping spree I just did at Old Navy. I just told my husband that I was saving the economy! :-)