Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

While driving around a New England city today, I came across a group of men in suits. Oddly, they wore giant red scarves draped around their shoulders. The scarves appeared to be secured to their dark, conservative suits with festive gold pins. The men were standing on a street corner, holding signs, and demonstrating. As traffic stopped, they would walk down the row of cars and try to hand out their hate-spewing pamphlets. But odder still was the fact that they were accompanied by a man playing bagpipes. And then, there were the signs.

Honk for prejudice? Hmmm. Curiously, there wasn't a woman among the entire group. Could it have been a homophobic closeted homosexual men's group, perhaps?

Out of all the things in the world this well-dressed group of men could have been doing, I simply don't understand why they chose to get all fired up about THIS. Why don't they go fix one of the many things in this world that is actually broken? Why do they care what some other couple is doing? I wonder what their wives are like. I should've stopped and befriended some of the Stepford dads, so I could've found out.

In completely different news, today is CD8, and I had so much CM that I needed a panty liner. I'm not sure what that was about. It wasn't the right texture and it's way too early for it to be fertile CM. I hope this means we are headed in the right direction. Although, it was kind of gross.


Guera! said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Regardless of one's beliefs there are so many more productive ways these men could have spent their time and energy. And what did they really think they were going to accomplish?

Nit said...

I should have initiated a convo with them, that would have been interesting.

Kills me.