Friday, April 17, 2009

Call FromThe RE's Office

My appointment with the RE is on Tuesday. The RE's office just called to go over payment and insurance issues. I have a $20 co-pay for each visit, and everything else will be covered. I have full coverage for ART procedures. The woman commented that I have really good coverage, and she doesn't see that often, for people in my state especially. Such a relief. Literally, it was such a huge relief to get that phone call. Not just because of the insurance coverage (which is great-I knew I had good coverage, but it was great to hear it, regardless), but because I'm now dealing with a doctor's office that looks into things, checks them out, and gets back to me-when I wasn't even expecting it.


Shannon said...

That is awesome!

Even being Canadian my procedures aren't covered by the supplemental insurance through my husbands work.

Good Luck this cycle, wounds like you have a great clinic!

VA Blondie said...

That is fantastic! Glad you found a wonderful RE.