Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Midday Freakout

I have mostly been able to ignore the fact that I am in the 2WW. First, there's the fact that the RE thinks we have no chance of getting knocked up on Clo.mid. Then, there's the fact that work has been crazy and I have a big new project, and worked for much of last weekend. And of course, there's the fact that I'm not entirely sure when I o'd, since we started sleeping with the windows open, and it's still very cool at night, so my temp's have essentially remained flat. I am something like 5 to 6 DPO.

But here's the weird thing, as I was walking out of a store just now, I realized that my boobs are kinda sore. It's waaay to early for that, and now I'm going to be obsessively looking for signs. Sigh. It was all going so smoothly.

I was able to reschedule the appointment from tomorrow to next Wednesday, which isn't so bad. It's at the clinic that's an hour away. I texted T. to let him know the great news. I'm sure he'll be as excited as I am that we don't have to wait another month!


Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm in the 2ww as well and ALSO trying not to obsess about any symptoms. I've definitely had the sore BBs pretty early on with Clomid, and it messes with me each month.

Here's hoping that this next week flies by and you get a nice surpise this month!!!!

JamieD said...

I bet T is thrilled as well! He is lucky to have a wife as efficient as you!!