Tuesday, April 21, 2009

RE Report

The RE visit was. . .interesting.

The RE came out into the waiting room (we were the only patients there) and greeted us by our first names. He was warm, friendly, and VERY high energy. We went into his office and zoomed through personal background, with particular focus on my miscarriages and ovulation history. Then, he started shooting out information at us like a firehose. I'm sure I've lost much of it already, but the highlights are that he said that Clo.mid probably isn't going to do anything for me; my lining is likely too thin, which in part is probably caused by ME being too thin--and Clo.mid is only going to worsen this problem, not help it; and the likely solution is going to be sub-Q injections (probably, Repro.nex). Or, I can try gaining 20 pounds and see if that helps.

While I would love to try gaining 20 pounds, rather than face shots, I know that it will take me many months to even try to gain that much weight. He wants me on a supplement, like En.sure (ick!), or to drink a frappe every night. I will happily do either, but I know it's unlikely to result in much weight gain. I struggle to put on every pound. I know, I know--I never get much sympathy for this.

If I don't get my period by May 4, I'm supposed to call, and he wants to give me drugs to start my period. I need to call back and ask why this is, since I have never had a 28 day cycle. He doesn't think I'll respond to the med's, and we'll have to do estrogen pills after that, but I don't understand the point--why can't we just wait for AF to come at its normal time on CD30-35? (if YOU know, please tell!).

We are doing a pile of bloodwork--CD3 bloodwork; CD10 bloodwork and u/s; CD24 bloodwork, next cycle. Oh, and an SA for T. next week. He's wicked psyched about that, let me tell you. The doctor really prefers to have it done in the office, rather than dropped off (the instructions are hilarious: "we require that hte semen specimen be produced at the center in a room specially designed for that purpose." We have been totally cracking up over the "specially designed for that purpose" part). I told T. that if I have to deal with shots and vaginal u/s's, the least he can do is the semen sample. I also have to have an HSG done at the beginning of the cyle.

So, the final conclusion was that we will likely start our next "real" cycle in June, if this month doesn't pan out.


~Jess said...

Sounds like this guy is on the ball! Hopefully you're able to gain a little bit of weight and that will help too.

Manda said...

I will lend you sympathy for the inability to gain weight. I know how miserable it is to be the opposite way - I'm sure it's just as bad. I assume you've tried carb loading and empty calories?

Wishing you lots and lots of luck with the RE. Sounds like he has quite a plan for you and T.

(BTW, offer for T to load up some inspirational videos on his iPod or phone or something. The in-house entertainment is never that great.)

Nit said...

Ok, I wish I had the problem of needing to gain some weight! ;)

Seriously though...I am glad that you have a plan & I hope that June is YOUR month! You deserve it :)

Darla said...

Oh my goodness, I love the super friendly RE's ... until they start adding all those complications! eye! aye!