Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clo.mid, Round Two, Day 1

We are back from our long weekend away. I have to say that while I love spending time with family, it can also be emotionally draining. I love my family, but I tend to express my love by listening. I want to hear what they are doing, what they are interested in, what is going on in their worlds. Conversely, I have family members who express their love of me by buying me things. And while gifts are lovely, and I truly do appreciate them, these very different communication styles often lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and guilt. I get frustrated because discussions sometimes seem to be like pulling teeth, and shopping sprees leave me oddly dissatisfied. I have this sense that they, in turn, get frustrated when I want to talk about more than the weather, and my gifts for them aren't as bling as they thought they might be (but seriously, try buying for the folks who have everything, and prize things not because they are necessarily expensive or unusual, but because they were a good deal, and you will get some sense of how nutty shopping for family gifts makes me). And at the end of the day, this inability to really connect leaves me feeling sad. I wish it were different, but I just do not know how to make it so. I would like to think that my presence for Easter meant something, but I worry that it wasn't enough, that I'm not enough. Which just makes me long for my own family all that much more, to create my own traditions and relationships and patterns.

Which brings us to today, CD5, which means it's time for another round of Clo.mid. Just took my first dose. I'm feel a little clammy, but otherwise fine. Fingers crossed that we have a beautiful cycle that actually goes somewhere.


JamieD said...

I can see where that would bring on a headache. Especially considering I haven't put forth the effort to get anyone more than a gift card in two years now.

Crossing fingers and toes for a beautiful cycle . . .

Io said...

Mwah. My family is ALL ABOUT bragging about how little you got a present for. My mom gifts me with good coupons and Target gift cards that she got as reward for switching prescriptions.
I hope the big C treats you well this cycle.

~Jess said...

I'm hoping and praying that this cycle is it for you guys!

Isn't family fun?! We have issues with both of our brothers and their wives: We all agreed on limits, we follow ours, they don't, then I feel bad about not spending as much. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I'm on CD 6 today and day two of Clomid. Wanna be pissy with me? Your post reminds me of the book "The five love languages" which discusses the different ways people communicate love. We tend to communicate in the style WE prefer, instead of the style another person prefers. It's a short read, and really interesting!

I hope you get your own family to make traditions with as well..and soon!!!!